Zhangye ​- one of the important towns along the ancient Silk Road

Last Update: 17th October 2020


Located in the northwest of Gansu and in the middle section of the Hexi Corridor, Zhangye features the largest army horse-breeding farm. It is home to 26 nationalities, including Han, Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Mongolia, Korean, Manchu, Yugu, etc. With a long history, Zhangye offers splendid culture, beautiful natural scenery and unique human landscape.

Zhangye Fast Facts
  • Chinese Name: Zhangye (张掖)
  • Area: 40,874 square kilometers
  • Things to do there: Photography, Silk Road History, Adventure
  • Who visits: Photographers, Silk Road History and Culture Learners, Adventure Enthusiasts
  • Time required: 2 – 3 x days
What to expect in Zhangye

In Zhangye, there are original ecological city wetlands, colored Danxia landforms, horse-breeding farm, unique Yugu ethnic customs, the wild scenery of Qilian Mountain, and the glaciers at Gobi deserts. Zhangye offers many scenic spots and historical sites. It features rich tourism resources, unique cultural landscapes and ancient buildings with different shapes.


You can explore the old buildings, such as Dafo Temple, Xilai Temple, Tuta Pogada, Zhenyuan Building, Shanxi Guild Hall, Ming Granary, and other historical buildings such as Heishui State Sites, Han Tombs, Ancient City Wall, and the Great Wall of China. In addition, there is natural beauty waiting for you to enjoy, including National Wetland Reserve and Runquan Lake Park, Ganquan Park, Desert Park, Heihe Mountain Villa, and Dayekou Natural Scenic Area are all beautiful natural landscapes.


If you are interested to appreciate the nature, it is recommended that you explore Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, Desert Park and Heihe National Wetland Park. Due to the government’s regulation, foreigners are not allowed to visit Shandan Army Horse-breeding Farm.


If you are interested to get acquainted with Buddhism, you could explore the more than 1500-years-old Wenshu Temple, Dafo Temple, and Mati Temple.

Best time to visit the Zhangye

The best months to visit Zhangye are from April to October.


How to get to the Zhangye

There are several airplanes to Zhangye from the main cities around China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xi’an. There are many trains to Zhangye from Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xining, Lanzhou etc. Please get to Zhangye by air or by train based on your schedule.


Additional Zhangye Travel Advice
  • Sometimes, the power supply is cut or limited in Zhangye. Please ask the hotel for the supplying time of the power and the water when you check in.
  • In Zhangye, some hotels are not qualified to host foreign tourists. Please consult the hotel you are interested to book beforehand.
  • Please check out the weather forecast in advance.
  • Please wear the sunscreen cream and sun glasses even in winter.
  • Please take body lotion, lip balm, and hand cream as it is always dry in Zhangye.
Interested in visiting the Zhangye on a Tour?

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