Zhangjiajie In NovemberVisiting Zhangjiajie In November + What to do!

Last Update: 10th November 2019
What are the 5 Best Things To Do In Zhangjiajie In November?
It is a little cold in Zhangjiajie in November. It will be much colder in the mountainous area. Thus, it is recommended that you take enough warm clothes in the mountainous area. The highest temperature in Zhangjiajie in November is some 20 degrees while the lowest temperature in Zhangjiajie in November is around 7 degrees. Due to the cold weather, there are fewer and fewer tourists in Zhangjiajie in November.

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Leaves on many trees in Wulingyuan Scenic Area turn yellow and red. Views there could be breathtaking with the colorful trees. Wulingyuan Scenic Area consists of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve and Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve.
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the most popular among tourists. In November, it is already dotted with golden and red trees. Hundreds of peaks with different shapes create stunning views for tourists to enjoy. Golden Whip Stream is a great choice to explore with your feet. The stream is 5,710 meters long, offering around 10 spots to admire. The only way to discover it is on foot. Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie are also highlights in the park.
Suoxiyu Nature Reserve in November is decorated with colorful views as well as leaves on some of the plants are also yellow. In the area, you could explore Xihai which offers stunning cloud views after the rain, Ten-mile Gallery with tens of natural sculptures and Shuirao Simen. You could choose to discover the gallery on a small train or on foot to immerse yourself in the nature.
Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve in November also presents gorgeous scenery. You have to take a cable car to the top of the mountain. The cable car takes you above the peaks. If it is after the rain, clouds float around the peaks that you may feel that you are in a fairy land. At the end-November, there is a chance that rime appears on the top of the mountain.
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in November is a little colder than that in October. Part of the waterfalls in the canyon may be dry without one single water drop. Though, there are a few landscapes to you to enjoy.
​You may encounter wild animals when you walk along the plank road at the bottom. Singing of birds can add fun to your visit there. The longest and tallest glass bridge spanning the top of the canyon is also a good activity to try.
The must-experience on Tianmen Mountain is to take the cable car and experience the winding mountain road with 99 turns. You could choose to take the cable car uphill or downhill and take a shuttle bus to the top of the mountain or down to the foot. The road and cable car could be closed at the end-November under the condition that the road is frozen.
​After arriving at the top, there are 999 steps waiting for you to challenge if you are determined to explore the Tianmen Cave. It is required to book the ticket for the mountain 1 days at least in advance.
Furong Old Town got famous around China for the film called “Furong Town” in the 1980s. In the old capital of Tu Kingdom during the Qin Dynasty (221 – 207 BC) and Han Dynasty (202 BC – 8 AD and 25 – 220 AD), you could visit its folk museum where you could get a little acquainted with the local culture and the changing production mode of Tujia people.
​The waterfall in the town is also a highlight. You could enjoy its beauty in the distance. But the water currents could be small in November. Views at night in the town are also attractive.
Temperature in the Huanglong Cave in November is higher than that outside. If you don’t like to stay outside for long, the cave is a good choice.
​In the cave, you could take a boat on one of the two underground rivers to explore the stalactites. In addition, you will see a tall stalagmite with a height of 19.2 meters. The cave is dotted with stone curtains, stone waterfalls, stone corals, stone pearls and the like.



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Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Zhangjiajie, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.