Zhangjiajie In MayVisiting Zhangjiajie In May + What to do!

Last Update: 10th November 2019
What are the 6 Best Things To Do In Zhangjiajie In May?
It is rainy season in Zhangjiajie in May. It rains more than that in April. It is a little cool in May in Zhangjiajie as well due to the location of Zhangjiajie. It is recommended to take a long shirt with you in case it is cooler in the mountainous area in Zhangjiajie. In addition, the number of Chinese domestic tourists in Zhangjiajie in May will be a little larger than that in April. Let’s see the top attractions in Zhangjiajie in May to be discovered.

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Consisting of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve and Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, Wulingyuan Scenic Area could be acclaimed as the most popular scenic area in Zhangjiajie. In 1992, it was declared as the World Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park offers numerous quartz sandstone peaks with different appearances to admire. It covers an area of 4,810 hectares. If it rains heavily, some of the peaks will be hidden in fog and clouds. You could explore the relatively-quiet Golden Whip Stream with your feet, discover Yuanjiajie where Avatar was shot, and Yangjiajie which offers a chance to you to appreciate various species of monkeys.

Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is home to ancient subtropical primitive subforests. You will find a variety of rare plants and wild animals there as well. The tour route on the mountain is nearly 45 kilometers long. After the rain, fog and clouds float around the entire mountain, which is a feast for eyes. The opened spots there include Laowuchang, Huangling Spring, Shijiayan, Chapanta, and Fengxi Mountain.
Suoxiyu Nature Reserve is famous for Ten-mile Gallery. Along the gallery, you will see nearly 200 peaks in different shapes, such as human beings, birds and beasts. In May, some wild flowers are in blossom as well. In addition, you could visit Xihai, Shuirao Simen and caves in the nature reserve.

In May, Tianmen Mountain is filled with green trees. It offers a mountain road with 99 turns and a mountain elevator to experience. The mountain elevator could take you to the entrance to Tianmen Cave from the top of the mountain.
​You will take the longest cableway to the top of the mountain. The mountain also has a glass plank road built between two cliffs to explore.
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon features the longest and highest glass bridge in the world to experience. The bridge offers a great chance to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the canyon. Air is fresh in the canyon with a variety of vegetation.
​In May, walk along the trail on the canyon and you could feel refreshed in body and mind. In addition, you could explore the Thin Strip of Sky, appreciate trees on the rocks and waterfalls.
Furong Old Town is more than 2,000 years old. It was the capital of Tujia Kingdom in the Qin (221 – 207 BC) and Han (202 BC – 8 AD and 25 AD – 220 AD) Dynasties. You could walk along the old street with old Tujia buildings.
​In addition, a local museum offers a chance to get a little acquainted with local traditional tools, traditional carved beds as well as other traditional farming tools. If you are interested to explore local life, you could stay overnight there. In addition, the night views are very stunning.
Huanglong Cave has an underground river, and tens of small and big halls to explore. It is covered with countless of stalactites, including stone waterfalls, stone flowers, stone curtains, stone pillars, stalagmites, stone pearls, and stone corals in the cave.
​In the cave, you could get an unforgettable experience about exploring the cave on a boat.
Situated 8 kilometers from Tianzi Mountain and 8 kilometers from Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake is a fusion of natural beauty and local folk. You could hike to explore the mountains around the lake, or enjoy cruising on the lake.
​You could admire Tujia style singing on the cruise boat. In the forest, you may see an old temple. The ticket for the lake includes the entrance to the cruise boat.



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Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Zhangjiajie, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.