Zhangjiajie In JulyVisiting Zhangjiajie In July and What to do!

Last Update: 10th November 2019
What are the 5 Best Things To Do In Zhangjiajie In July?
It is hot in the City of Zhanjiajie in July while it is cool in the mountainous area in Zhangjiejie. July is during the summer holiday in China. There will be more tourists in Zhangjiajie as many parents will take their children to explore it. It requires several hours walk to discover one scenic area in Zhangjiajie. It is recommended that you take more clothes to get changed in case you are wet with sweat. Most of days in July in Zhangjiajie are fine.

If you are planning to visit Zhangjiajie, we recommend that you visit it in the early July as many parents take their children to enjoy vacation after the 10th of July. The sun is strong in Zhangjiajie in July. It is suggested that you wear sunglasses, sunscreen cream and floral water to prevent yourself from insects. Let’s see the top attractions in Zhangjiajie we could explore in July.

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve and Tianzi Mountian Nature Reserve make up Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Every part has its own charm in July.
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park offers hundreds of quartz sandstone peaks to enjoy. The peaks feature different strange appearances as well. The Golden Whip Stream has the most stunning views in the park. The only way to explore the stream is with your feet. It takes around 2 hours hike. Yangjiajie is newly developed with fewer visitors. Yuanjiajie is a must-visit spot in the park as well. It offers some 200 spots to explore. In addition, you could discover Wulong Village and Yaozi Village in the park.
59 caves have been discovered in Suoxiyu Nature Reserve. Ten-mile Gallery is a highlight in the area. It is decorated with amazing natural landscape, including some 200 rock with distinctive appearances. You could walk along the gallery or enjoy the views in a small train. In July, some wild flowers give out refreshing fragrance. The area features Shuirao Simen, Baizhang Valley, Dong’s Valley and Wang’s Valley to explore.
Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve offers breathtaking cloud and fog views after the rain in July. The cable car runs through the area, offering you a great chance to enjoy the panoramic views of the spots there. The highlights in the area include Kongzhong Tianyuan, Nantian Gate, Xihai, Shenbin Juhui Peaks, Tianzi Pavilion and Helong Park.​
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon offers tens of spots to admire, such as forests on the rock, Tianhe Viewpoint, waterfalls, the Thin Strip of Sky, plank roads at the bottom of the canyon and much more.
​The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is home to rare and precious animals and plants. You could experience the longest and tallest glass bridge spanning above the canyon. It could be crowded with Chinese domestic tourists on the bridge in July.
It is required to book the ticket for Tianmen Mountain 1 day in advance. There are two routes on the mountain. With Route A, you could take a cable car to the top of the mountain and take a shuttle bus down to the foot of the mountain. With Route B, you could take a shuttle bus to the top of the mountain and take a cable car down to the foot of the mountain.
​The mountain road has 99 turns to experience. When you get to the top of the mountain, there are 999 steps waiting for you to explore. The Tianmen Cave is on the top of the steps. There is a plank road between two cliffs to walk on as well.
In July, Baofeng Lake also has stunning views to enjoy. The ticket for the lake includes cruising on the lake. On the cruise boat, you will appreciate singing shows of Tujia people with the natural beauty around the lake.
​There are two islets in the lake. After the cruise, you could hike through the woods on the mountain and visit the old temple hidden in the forest.
Huanglong Cave is typical of Karst landform in Zhangjiajie. It offers 13 halls to visit. The largest is called Dragon Hall, one of the most beautiful spots in the cave. It is dotted with more than 2,000 stalagmites in different shapes.
You need to take a boat to appreciate part of the Huanglong Cave. It is around 800 meters long. You will find various types of stone waterfalls, stone flowers, stone curtains, stone pearls, stone pillars and so on.



Interested in Zhangjiajie In July?

Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Zhangjiajie, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.