Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Areadistinctive experience in Chongqing

Last Update: 23rd October 2020
Covering an area of 50 square kilometers, Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area is composed of the Shangri-La Park, Taigu Cave, Youzhou Ancient City, Taohuayuan National Forest Park, Taohuayuan Square, Taohuayuan Style Town, Eryou Mountain Shangri-La Cultural Theme Park and Dreamlike Taoyuan Show.

Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area Fast Facts

  • Chinese Name: Youyang Taohuayuan Jingqu (酉阳桃花源景区)
  • Area: 50 square kilometers
  • Things to do there: Photography, Hiking, Nature, Old Culture
  • Who visits: Photographers, Adventurers, Old Culture Lovers
  • Time required: 1 – 2 x days

What to expect at Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area

Situated around 300 kilometers from Chongqing City, Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area features karst landform, the agricultural culture in the Qin Dynasty (221 BC – 207BC), the folk customs of Tujia People, and natural beauty to experience.
Shangri-La Park offers you a great chance to experience the culture in the Qin Dynasty. If interested, you could dress yourself in the costume with the Qin style at the entrance of the scenic area. Qin Music House lets you enjoy the music in the Qin style. The buildings there are in the Qin style as well. In addition, you also can experience the Qin’s schooling there.
Taigu Cave is around 3 kilometers long. You will find winding trails, underground rivers, and stalactites in different shapes in the cave. In the colorful lights, the stalactites are more amazing.
With a length of 1.3 kilometers, Youzhou Ancient City offers old streets lined with stilted buildings in Tujia style. You will find a variety of inns, taverns, and special tourist products as well as Tujia food.
With an area of 8.6 hectares, Taohuayuan Square is the largest comprehensive cultural square in Wulong Mountainous Area. In the late afternoon, Tujia and Miao people usually sing and dance on the square.
Dreamlike Taoyuan Show is a fusion of Taohuayuan Culture, Miao and Tujia Cultures and intangible heritage shows. The theater can accommodate 2,800 persons to enjoy the show at one time.

Best time to visit Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area

The best time to visit Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area is in the morning.
The best months to visit are from March to October.


How to get to Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus to Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area from Chongqing City. The only option is to rent a vehicle.


Additional Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area Advice

  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:30
  • As at 23rd October 2020, the entrance pricing to the area (including the entrance pricing to Shangri-La Park and Taigu Cave) is 100 CNY per person; children between 1.2m tall (1.2m tall included) and 1.4m tall (1.4m tall not included) are charged 50 CNY per person; the elder between 60 years old (60 years old included) and 64 years old (64 years old included) are charged 50 CNY per person; children under 1.2m tall (1.2m tall not included) are free of charge; the elder above 65 years old (65 years old included) are free of charge. For the latest pricing information, please contact us via email (
  • There are also several hotels in the scenic area for you to stay overnight.

Interested in visiting Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area on a Tour?

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