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Yangshuo In AugustVisiting Yangshuo In August + What to do!

Last Update: 6th November 2019

What Are The 8 Best Things To Do In Yangshuo In August?
It is still the peak of summer in Yangshuo in August. As August is during the summer holiday in China, there are many Chinese domestic tourists in Yangshuo. If you don’t have time to visit Yangshuo in other months but want to enjoy a hassle-free local tour experience, Wendy Wei Tours could arrange it for you based on your details and preferences. Let’s see the top attractions we could explore in Yangshuo in August.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin Exterior

Jolie Vue Boutique Hotel, Guilin Interior

Elephant Trunk Hill Hotel, Guilin Exterior
Zizhou Panoramic Hotel, Guilin Interior
It rains a little in Yangshuo in August. Li River is endowed with natural beauty, offering karst hills with evergreen plants. Locals like to enjoy swimming in the river in July and August. If you’d like to experience swimming in the river, it is recommended that you swim in the area where many locals have a swim. You could take a Li River Cruise to appreciate the natural landscape along the river from Guilin to Yangshuo. The private motorized raft is ideal for those who want more privacy. Compared to the 4-hours-long big cruise, the raft lasts for around 1 hour from Xingping to Nine-horse Fresco Hill and back to Xingping. If you love hiking, you also could hike along the river to find tiny beauty along the river.
2. Yulong River & Yulong Valley
As most of the fields in the Yulong River Valley are planted rice, it is decorated with golden ripe rice in August. Yulong River winds through fields and hills, drawing its own route to the distance. The views there are great for photographing. In August, you would see many visitors enjoying hiking or cycling in the area. If interested, you could also try the traditional bamboo rafting on the river or have a swim in the river.
Yulong River

West Street is the hottest street in Yangshuo in August just like the weather in August. After a long journey, you could relax yourself with a drink at one café or a drinks shop on the street and sit by the window to see the views outside. The street also offers bars with different themes to explore at night.

4. Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show
Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show enjoys a good reputation among foreign and Chinese visitors for its charming background, stage on the Li River, great sound and visual effects. Through the show, you will get to know some about cormorant fishing, bamboo rafting, farming culture, singing and dancing of Zhuang people and much more. Actors all come from local villagers.

Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show

5. Silver Cave
If the Reed Flute Cave is not in the schedule of your Guilin tour but you are interested in geology, Silver Cave lying around 27 kilometers from West Street, Yangshuo is endowed with stalactites in different shapes. As it is very popular among Chinese visitors plus August is still in summer holiday, it is recommended that you visit the cave by 11:00 am to avoid the crowd.

6. Xianggong Hill

From Xianggong Hill, you will see the breathtaking sunrise and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Li River which winds by the hill to the distance. During the sunrise, clouds covered with golden light spread slowly and slowly. The views could be gorgeous. The hill is good for all ages to walk up and August is a fantastic time of year to visit!

Silver Cave

7. Cuiping Hill

Cuiping Hill offers a great option to admire the sunset in Yangshuo Countryside. In the past few years, it has been more and more famed among tourists and photographers. During the sunset, you could also see smoke rising from the village chimneys. Perhaps, some children may play games in the open air before houses standing in the farmland.

8. Laozhai Mountain
Laozhai Mountain features amazing sunrise as well as sunset to appreciate. It is situated around 31 kilometers from West Street. Compared to Xianggong and Cuiping Hills, Laozhai Mountain is the most dangerous hill to explore. Thus, it is not suggested that those whose body conditions are not good, young children or the elder above 60 years old climb up the mountain. If you’d like to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset, you’d need to take a flashlight, wear a pair of antiskid shoes and long shirts.

Cuiping Hill
Top Guilin Attractions

Reed Flute Cave
​Would you like to know why several former US presidents had spoken highly of the Reed Flute Cave after visiting it? It features its own unique charm, which some consider to be distinct from any other attractions in the world!

Elephant Trunk Hill
​Have you visited a hill standing in the middle of a river in the center of a city before? How about one shapred like an Elephant? In Guilin, there is such a hill – the 300 million year old Elephant Trunk Hill. It looks just like an elephant drinking water from the Li River!



Li River, Yangshuo
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Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Yangshuo, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.

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