Xining ​- one of the highest altitude cities in China and across the world

Last Update: 16th October 2020
Known as Qingtang City, Xiping County Xining and Shanzhou in the ancient China, Xining is the capital of Qinghai Province and one of the important central cities in the Northwest China. It is the political, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, transportation, and communication center of Qinghai Province.
Xining ​Fast Facts
  • Chinese Name: Xining (西宁)
  • Area: 7,679 square kilometers
  • Things to do there: Photography, Silk Road History, Adventure
  • Who visits: Photographers, Learners of Islamic Studies, Hikers
  • Time required: 3 – 4 x days
What to expect at Xining
Located in the eastern part of Qinghai Province, Xining is a gateway to the eastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is one of the old cities along the Western Silk Road. Xining is a multi-ethnic city. Its cultural and artistic development has rich national characteristics and local characteristics. The butter sculptures, barbola and murals at the Kumbum Monastery are acclaimed as the “One-of-a-kind Products of Art”. Regong art of Huangnan Prefecture and the peasants’ paintings of Huangzhong enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.
You can appreciate various types of dancing and music and dramas in Xining, such as the An Zhao Music and Dancing of the Tu ethnic nationality, the banquet dance of the Hui people, the wedding dance of the Salars, the Guozhuang dance of the Tibetans, and the temple music played by the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries during the sacrifices, ceremonies, and Dharma assemblies.
You can enjoy cycling or driving along the Qinghai Lake, visit Qinghai Province Museum to know the history and culture of Qinghai, and explore the Ruins of Qingtang City which was a commercial center in the ancient times along the Western Silk Road. If you are interested to get a little acquainted with Tibetan Medicine, it is recommended that you explore Museum of China Tibetan Medicine.

Best time to enjoy Xining

The best months to visit Xining are from April to October.


How to get to Xining

There are many airplanes to Xining from the main cities around China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Dalian, Xi’an, Shijiazhuang, Changsha, Guiyang, Nanning and Guilin. There are many trains to Xining from Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. Please get to Lanzhou by air or by train based on your schedule.


Additional Xining Travel Advice

  • Sometimes, the power supply is cut or limited in Xining. Please ask the hotel for the supplying time of the power and the water when you check in.
  • In Xining, some hotels are not qualified to host foreign tourists. Please consult the hotel you are interested to book beforehand.
  • Please check out the weather forecast in advance.
  • Please wear the sunscreen cream and sun glasses even in winter.
  • Please take body lotion, lip balm, and hand cream as it is always dry in Xining.

Interested in visiting Xining on a Tour?

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