Things To Do In Guilin In September Visiting Guilin In September and What to do!

​​​​​Last Update: 14th October 2020

What are the 10 Best Things To Do In Guilin In September?
In September, it is turning much cooler and cooler in Guilin. Sweet-scented osmanthus trees stand on both sides of almost every street in the City of Guilin. In September, they are in blossom. The entire city is filled with the refreshing scent. You could also find various types of things to do in Guilin in September.

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1. Li River Cruise
It rains little in September in Guilin. In this month, fewer and fewer Chinese tourists visit Guilin as well. It could be comfortable to appreciate the landscape along the Li River.

  • Private motorized raft

The private motorized raft offers you private room to share the exciting experience with your family or friends in one raft. You won’t be bothered by any other unrelated passengers. On the raft, you will admire the most beautiful landscape along the Li River. The private cruise just lasts for 1 hour.

Big boats are available for every day. If you don’t want to go to Yangshuo from Guilin by bus but also want to enjoy the natural beauty, the big boats are the best option. They will take you from Guilin Pier to Yanshuo Pier close to West Street. The cruise is a 4 hours cruise. On sunny days, the hills and the blue sky make for great views.

2. Visit Yangshuo

  • In September, rice in the farmland in the Yulong River Valley is harvested already. Some vegetables in season are planted in the farmland as well. You could explore the valley by bike or on foot. On the road, you may encounter locals doing their farming work in the field. Otherwise, if you’d prefer, you could explore the Yulong River on a bamboo raft. Yulong River bamboo raft is operated manually by locals with a bamboo pole.
  • In September, it is great to admire the sunrise on Xianggong Hill and enjoy the sunset on Cuiping Hill. Both of the hills feature karst hills and plots of farmland around. On the top of Xianggong Hill, you also could enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Li River winding through the Yangshuo Countryside.
  • If you would like to refresh yourself with some food and drinks, West Street is a good choice. Western and Chinese café, restaurants, hotels, handicrafts stores, bars and other shops gather on the street.
Yulong River Valley

3. Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show

The theater where the Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show is held is situated some 2 kilometers southeast of the West Street. After wandering the street, you could appreciate the show. With the Li River being the stage and actors from the surrounding villages, Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show presents local farming culture, cormorant fishing culture and folk songs of the Zhuang People.

4. Reed Flute Cave

As it is the school year from September in China, fewer and fewer Chinese visitors explore Guilin. That is to say, there will be fewer and fewer tourists in the Reed Flute Cave. The cave was explored by several national and international leaders. In the cave, you could not only enjoy the crystal clear stalactites in the colorful lights, but also will find the old stone inscriptions among which the oldest was made in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907).

Reed Flute Cave

5. Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is situated at the confluence of the Peach Blossom River and the Li River. It is home to the memorial hall of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864), Puxian Pagoda, Yunfeng Temple, and Sunrise Pavilion. The old stone inscriptions tell the history of the hill.

6. Longji Rice Terraces

It is said that the Longji Rice Terraces presents the most stunning views in September. Rice is getting golden and golden in this month while some rice is still green. The terraces resemble ribbons with different colors flowing on the mountain. If interested, you could explore one or two ethnic minority villages there.

Longji Rice Terraces

7. Four Lakes Night Cruise
In September, it is a little cool in Guilin City. To explore the four lakes in the city will be very comfortable in this month. The Four Lakes Night Cruise takes you to get a little acquainted with local history, night views and local culture, such as cormorant fishing and much more in Guilin.

8. Yao Mountain
In September, some of the leaves are still green while others are getting yellow and yellow. They make for a colorful background on Yao Mountain. Wild chrysanthemum flowers are dotted on the mountain as well. You could take a chairlift to the top of the mountain or just enjoy mountaineering on the trail.

Yao Mountain

9. East West Alley & Zhengyang Walking Street
East West Alley and Zhengyang Walking Street are both located at the heart of Guilin City. With the buildings in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912) style, East West Alley is a good spot for taking photos. In addition, it offers a movie theater, boutiques and various types of food to enjoy. Zhengyang Walking Street is more than 1,000 years old. It combines boutiques, drinks, western and Chinese restaurants with handicrafts stores. 

10. Shangshui Snack Street

It will be an exciting experience to walk around Shangshui Snack Street. On the street, you will find one of the famous Shanghai food – pan fried bun stuffed with pork, naan bread, pineapple rice, roasted meat, and other types of local food. ​

Elephant Trunk Hill

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Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Guilin, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us  directly to find out more.