Things To Do In Guilin In NovemberVisiting Guilin In November + What to do!

​​Last Update: 14th October 2020

What Are The 9 Best Things To Do In Guilin In November?

In November, it is a little cold in in Guilin and it rains a little as well. In November, there are fewer tourists due to the weather compared to earlier months. Some of the most popular things to do in November include the following:

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1. Li River Cruise

There are 2 options of the Li River Cruise. One is affected by the weather and the other is unaffected by the weather.

  • Private Motorized Raft

As it is a little cold in Guilin in November, it is not suggested that you take the private motorized raft when it is rainy. When it is rainy in cold months in Guilin, you will feel much colder. However, compared to big boats on the Li River, the private motorized raft offers more privacy. It also lets you appreciate the breathtaking views along the river for nearly 60 minutes.

Big boats cruise are not affected by the weather in November. You will feel warmer and more comfortable on the big boat as they are air-conditioned. The big boat cruise will take you to enjoy more stunning views along the river. It runs for around 4 hours.

2. Visit Yangshuo

  • In November, it is better to do some cycling and walking in the Yulong River Valley. If you’d prefer to, you also could enjoy bamboo rafting on the Yulong River. But it could be a little cold when you are on the raft.
  • West Street is ideal to be explored at any time around the year. If you have interests in night life in Yangshuo, you could wander and even have a drink at one of the bars on the street. The street features great photography materials as well.
  • Xianggong Hill and Cuiping Hill are getting more and more popular among tourists due to their picturesque views around. On fine days, you will be shocked at the gorgeous sunrise in the very early morning from Xianggong Hill while the sunset and the karst hills from Cuiping Hill are perfect for photographing as well.
Yulong River Valley

3. Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show

It just rains a little in Guilin Region in November. Thus, Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show won’t be affected by the weather. It will be put on daily. If it is a little rainy, the staff in the theater will give out a free raincoat to the audience. There is also presidential seating with a roof for you to choose. The show is a combination of the natural beauty and local culture and customs.


4. Reed Flute Cave
The Reed Flute Cave is the most famed among foreign visitors. It combines the crystal-clear stalactites and old stone inscriptions among which, the oldest one dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). In addition, you will enjoy the 4D holographic projection show in the cave except for the time from 12:00 to 13:00.

Reed Flute Cave

5. Elephant Trunk Hill

As the oldest landmark in Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill is always attractive in the eyes of the tourists. The hill looks like an elephant which drinks water in the Li River. In the area of the hill, you will see stone inscriptions and natural views.


6. Four Lakes Night Cruise
The Four Lakes Night Cruise is unaffected by the weather either. It is operated daily. If it is a little cold, you will also feel comfortable on the boat as the cruise boat is air-conditioned as well. Along the cruise, you will be amazed at the trees in the colorful lights and the live classic Chinese music and performances.

Elephant Trunk Hill

7. Daxu Old Town

Daxu Old Town lies on the eastern bank of the Li River. Due to the cold weather, there are fewer and fewer Chinese domestic tourists in the town. It will be much quieter. The old town offers an old street with old buildings in the Ming (1368 – 1644) and Qing (1644 – 1912) Dynasties on both sides. There are 13 old wharfs and old tombs in the Warring States (475 – 221 BC) and the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 8 AD).

8. Shangshui Snack Street & Zhengyang Walking Street
In the cold months, it is always easy to feel hungry. Shangshui Snack Street, which is next to Zhengyang Walking Street, offers a variety of food to you to have a try. After you feed your tongue and stomach, you could wander along the Zhengyang Walking Street to have a look at the old street in Guilin City.

Daxu Old Town

9. Longji Rice Terraces

In November, the Longji RiceTerraces are less charming than itself in October as it is bare. Though, when drizzle flows in the sky, the rice terraces and ethnic minority villages are hidden in the fog. Sometimes they could be seen. Sometimes they appear.

​If you are interested in the cultures and life of the ethnic minorities in China, it is recommended that you explore them in the area or even stay overnight there.

Longji Rice Terraces

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