Things To Do In Guilin In MayVisiting Guilin In May and What to do!

​​​Last Update: 14th October 2020
What are the 9 Best Things To Do In Guilin In May?
In May, there are more and more domestic visitors traveling to Guilin, especially during the May Day (labor day). The weather in May is typically stable with more rainfall. The climate in Guilin in May is comfortable as well allowing visitors to experience various things in Guilin.

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The Li River is famed around the world for its karst landscape along the river. During different weather conditions, it presents various stunning natural views. Guilin offers 2 options for visitors to explore the Li River.

  • Private Motorized Raft

The private motorized raft offers private room to you that you don’t need to share space with others on one raft. If you want to have a good time with your beloved ones, the private motorized raft is the best option. It also takes you to enjoy the highlight views along the Li River. It lasts for some 60 minutes, starting at Xingping to Nine-horse Fresco Hill and then back to Xingping. Pregnant women, children under 1.2m tall (1.2m tall included) and the elder above 70 years old (70 years old included) are not allowed to take the raft out of the safety concern.

  • Big Boat Li River Cruise

Big boats on the Li River are operated daily. It runs for nearly 4 hours from Guilin to Yangshuo. It offers more karst hills to enjoy. The section of the Li River along the cruise is about 83 kilometers long. Thus, you could see many locals doing some washing along the way.

2. Visit Yangshuo
  • Yulong River Valley in the Yangshuo Countryside offers several ways to explore in May. You could admire the natural landscape on a bamboo raft which is operated by locals manually with a long bamboo pole. If you would like to experience more and deeper, it is suggested that you discover the area on a bike or on foot.
  • It is always sunny in May. Yangshuo Countryside offers several proper spots for rock-climbing. They are popular among rock-climbing lovers at home and from abroad. Professional agencies in Yangshuo offer the gears as well.
Laozhai Mountain
  • As it rains little in May, it is more possible to enjoy the sunrise from Xianggong Hill and the sunset from Cuiping Hill. On the top of Xianggong Hill, you could also enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Li River. On the top of Cuiping Hill, plots of the farmland around and smoke from kitchen chimneys in the village are good for photography purposes.
  • On West Street, you will find tourists from different countries. The street is the most popular among visitors in Yangshuo. Many of foreign visitors have settled there and owned their business.
Cormorant Fisherman

The Reed Flute Cave is mainly popular among foreign tourists. Chinese tourists mainly visit other caves. The cave is a combination of stalactites with different appearances and old stone inscriptions. It is great to explore in any month around the year.

In May, villagers start to plant seedlings in the Longji Rice Terraces. In May Day, they always celebrate the Festival of Starting the Plaugh (Kai Geng Jie) through dragon dance, playing suona (a type of Chinese musical instrument), climbing the rice terraces race, catching chickens and ducks in the rice terraces. Moreover, you could explore the villages located on the mountains.

Longji Rice Terraces

The Elephant Trunk Hill is a cultural and historic hill in Guilin. It features a hole in the mountain (resembling an elephant trunk), several old buildings and old stone inscriptions. There is a memorial hall of the Taiping Keavenly Kingdom (1851 – 1864) where you will see some related materials from that particular period of time.

Take the Four Lakes Night Cruise and refresh yourself in the surrounding of the amazing night views in the City of Guilin. Along the cruise, you will see the cormorant fishing demonstration, classic Chinese dancing and enjoy the classic Chinese music.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Yao Mountain is the best spot for you to enjoy the karst hills in Guilin City. You could take a chairlift uphill and downhill. It is great for appreciating the sunrise in the City of Guilin as well. If you enjoy hiking and mountaineering, you could explore the trail on the left of the ticket office.

Zhang Yi Mou being the chief director, created the world famous Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show over 3 years between 2000 – 2003. In October 2003, the trial show was opened to the public. It reflects the local culture together with natural landscape along the Li River.

Yao Mountain

Daxu Old Town offers a 2-kilomters-long old street with old buildings in the Ming (1368 – 1644) and Qing (1644 – 1912) Dynasties on either side. In addition, there are tens of old piers, several old bridges and old tombs in the Warring States (475 – 221 BC) and the Western Han (202 BC – 8 AD) Dynasties.

Daxu Old Town

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