Things To Do In Guilin In MarchVisiting Guilin In March and What to do!

​​​Last Update: 13th October 2020

What are the 10 Best Things To Do In Guilin In March ?
For visitors traveling to Guilin in March, be prepared for slightly warmer weather in Guilin (compared to previous months). It also rains much in this month. The temperature rises and drops irregularly and the climate is a little wet. However, Guilin also has some exciting things to do in March.

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In March, there is some rain in Guilin meaning the Li River water levels increase. The plants on the karst hills along the river are sprouting and peach trees in the countryside are in blossom. New life comes out as well. Water is clear and fish can sometimes be seen swimming in the river. There are two options for the Li River Cruise that are both generally available in March:

  • Private Motorized Raft

If you don’t want to share space with others, the private motorized raft is a good choice. It takes you to appreciate the most amazing highlights along the Li River but it is much shorter than the big boat cruise. It lasts for around 60 minutes. If the water level is too much large, the raft is unavailable out of the safety concern.

  • Big Boat Li River Cruise

If you prefer to enjoy more time along the cruise, it is recommended that you take the big cruise boat. It lasts for approximately 4 hours, starting at Guilin Pier and ending at Yangshuo Pier. The big boat is unaffected by the water level and it runs every day.

2. Visit Yangshuo

  • In March, Yulong River Valley is turning greener and greener as well. The road in the area is flat enough to ride a bike. The fields there are decorated with yellow rape flowers. It must be a feast for eyes and soul. In addition, Yulong River Valley is also fit to be explored with your foot. What’s more, you also could discover the natural beauty of Yulong River Valley on a bamboo raft.
  • Xianggong Hill features the breathtaking sunrise on the very early morning of the sunny days after the rain. The sun rises slowly. The sunshine penetrates the clouds, creating amazing landscape. If you would like to admire the stunning sunset, it is recommended that you walk up to the top of Cuiping Hill. The fields around with yellow rape flowers and the karst hills in the distance together with the sunset are great for photographing. Compared with the Xianggong Hill, Cuiping Hill requires more time to explore.
  • West Street features various tourist facilities. You will find a variety of restaurants, hotels and shops there. At night, you could refresh yourself at one of the bars on the street.​
Cuiping Hill

The Reed Flute Cave is able to be explored at any time throughout the year as it’s not exposed to the outdoors. Fewer Chinese tourists visit the cave. Therefore, it will be much quieter than other caves in Guilin Region. Stalactites in the lights become more attractive.

In March, Elephant Trunk Hill will be always dotted with peach blossom. Birds sing on the hill. The hill is like an elephant which is drinking water at the intersection of Peach Blossom River and the Li River.

Reed Flute Cave

The Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show is performed on one section of the Li River which is 2 kilometers long. It is a combination of the natural views of the Li River, local culture, such as cormorant fishing, bamboo rafting and folk songs of the Zhuang People. It should be noted that the show will be closed if the water level are at or above flood warning line as it rains much in March.

In March, the Longji Rice Terraces is filled with water. In the sun, water sparkles. At several viewpoints in the area, you could enjoy the amazing sunrise and sunset as well. Longji Rice Terraces is also home to Zhuang, and Yao People. Thus, you could explore the local life and try local food there.

Longji Rice Terraces

Zhengyang Walking Street & Shangshui Snack Street is good for walking and shopping. You could just wander on the street without thinking about anything else, or you could feed your stomach with various types of cuisine on Shangshui Snack Street. The two streets are located next to each other.

If you take the Four Lakes Night Cruise in the rain, it will offer you a distinctive experience. On the cruise boat, you will be amazed at the gorgeous night views in the City of Guilin. Moreover, the cruise also takes you to appreciate the classic Chinese music and performances.

Four Lakes Cruise

If you are interested to know some about the development of the Buddhism in Guilin, the best time to visit the Sun & Moon Pagodas is during the opening hours. If you just want to visit them for photography purposes, the best time to overlook them is at night. The Golden Sun Pagoda and the silver Moon Pagoda with the reflections in the water make for a stunning view.

The Seven Star Park is the most popular park among locals. Many retired elders enjoy themselves through singing, dancing and playing chess there. On weekends, parents and their children play in the park. In March, peach blossoms in the park are also a great sight. The park offers hills and stone inscriptions to explore as well.

Seven Star Park

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