Things To Do In Guilin In JuneVisiting Guilin In June and What to do!

​​​Last Update: 14th October 2020

What are the 9 Best Things To Do In Guilin In June?
It is getting a little hot in Guilin in June. With the temperature rising, there are many things to do in Guilin. You could appreciate the natural landscape along the Li River, or just walk along the city lakes or enjoy cycling in the Yulong River Valley.

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In June, it rains more in Guilin. Fruit trees are bearing. The water level in the river is proper. Locals are beginning to enjoy swimming in the river to make themselves cool. If you want to admire the views along the Li River, there are two options.

  • Private Motorized Raft

The private motorized raft runs between Xingping and Nine-horse Fresco Hill. It starts at Xingping, passes by Nice-horse Fresco Hill and finally gets back to Xingping. It takes you to enjoy the most gorgeous highlights along the Li River and lasts for approximately 1 x hour.

The big boats on the Li River run daily. It will take you to enjoy more stunning views along the river. There are 2 types of cruise boats which are available ever day. The 3-star cruise boat is the cost-effective one with more than 100 seats while the 4-star cruise boat is the better one with less than 85 seats and offers better facilities on-board.

2. Visit Yangshuo
  • In June, it is sunny for most of days. Thus, you could enjoy cycling or walking to explore Yulong River Valley. The fields in the area are decorated with green rice while many locals are busy with their farming. If interested, you could also experience Yulong River bamboo rafting different from the Li River Cruise.
  • As it is little rainy in June, it is great to experience rock-climbing in the Yangshuo Countryside. Professionals in Yangshuo offer the gears for several degrees of rock-climbing. You could choose one suitable degree based upon your details. Once you climb up to the top of the rock, you will be shocked at the views around.
Laozhai Mountain
  • If you are keen on photographing the natural views, it is suggested that you explore Xianggong Hill for the sunrise and Cuiping Hill for the sunset. Both of the hills are being discovered by more and more photographers.
  • If you are tired after a long journey, you could just relax yourself at one of the café on West Street, a combintaion of hotels, restaurants, boutiques and other shops.​
Cuiping Hill

In June, it is cool in Reed Flute Cave. In addition, many Chinese tourists like to visit other caves in Guilin Region rather than the cave. Reed Flute Cave is the most gorgeous cave featuring crystal-clear stalactites and old stone inscriptions.

In June, Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show is regularly put on due to the stable water level. The stage is a 2-kilometers-long section of the Li River. 12 karst hills behind add more charm to the show. Through the show, you could not only enjoy the natural beauty, but also can be shocked at the excellent sound effects with the great performance of local villagers.

Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show

Elephant Trunk Hill is one of the landmarks in Guilin. It is said that if you don’t visit the hill, it means that you haven’t been to Guilin. The saying shows the importance of the Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin. The hill is a combination of the power of the nature and locals. You will find natural holes, and old buildings on the hill.

If you are interested to appreciate more karst hills in the city of Guilin, Yao Mountain lying around 10 kilometres northeast of the center of Guilin will be a good choice. On the top of the mountain, you will see tens of karst hills standing around. It is also great to appreciate the sunrise from the mountain.

Elephant Trunk Hill

In June, Longji Rice Terraces are planted with rice seedlings for one month. They just grow a little tall. There are several hiking trails around the terraces. You could enjoy the sunrise, the sunset and explore the ethnic minorities villages there.

To take the Four Lakes Night Cruise is another great option to admire the night view in the city of Guilin. You will see that trees along the lakes in the colorful lights and their reflections in the lake make for stunning views. Along the cruise, you can also know how fishermen train the cormorants to catch fishes.

Longji Rice Terraces

9. East West Alley & Zhengyang Walking Street

East West Alley is located opposite Zhengyang Walking Street. East West Alley features the buildings with palace lanterns in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912) style while Zhengyang Walking Street offers a variety of shops.

​The East West Alley is good for photographing but also a great place to try Sichuan cuisine, Guizhou cuisine, and Japanese food.

Zhengyang Walking Street
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