Things To Do In Guilin In AprilVisiting Guilin In April and What to do!

​​​Last Update: 14th October 2020

What are the 12 Best Things To Do In Guilin In April?
Guilin offers a variety of things to do throughout the year. However, in April, it is getting warmer in Guilin and is one of the peak seasons for foreign visitors (during the Easter vacation). Along with the nicer weather and just prior to the monsoon season, visitors can experience many different things in Guilin in April.

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In April, it could be rainy, cloudy or sunny for some days. The Li River Cruise runs from Guilin city to Yangshuo for 83 kilometers long. In April, hills along the river are turning greener and greener with the spring freeze blowing.

​After rain, they are surrounded in the fog, making for amazing views. Along the cruise, you could see locals doing their daily life along the river. On sunny days, the green hills, the reflections in the water and the blue sky create the great materials for photographing.

No matter what the weather is like, the Reed Flute Cave is good for exploring. The itinerary of visiting the cave isn’t affected by the weather conditions. Popular among the visitors, especially the foreigners, it is the most stunning cave in Guilin. The stalactites in different shapes are a feast for eyes in the colorful lights. ​

Yao Mountain is dotted with colorful wild flowers in April. Trees on the mountain typically have burgeoned since late March. In April, they are decorated the sprouts. Colorful azalea lets the mountain be more attractive. From the top of the mountain, you will see some plots of the field around filled with water which look like shining mirrors and seedlings stand in other plots..

Yao Mountain

4.Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

In April, Guilin and its surroundings really come to life – including the spectacular rivers. Moreover, the rainfall is less than that in May and June. It is a little cool but not hot. You will get a better experience on the Yulong River Bamboo Rafting on fine days. Spring breeze touches your face while you admire the natural beauty along the river on the bamboo raft. What a great experience!

The Yulong River winds through the Yangshuo Countryside. Along the river, there are farmlands, several villages and old bridges. If you love cycling, you could explore the river on a bike. Along the road, you may be amazed at various types of the wild flowers in blossom. If lucky enough, you could find local villages doing their daily farm life in the field by the original means of farming.

Yulong Valley Cycling

The Four Lakes Night Cruise has enjoyed a great reputation among tourists. It is a new highlight in Guilin City. It features the most amazing night views in Guilin. On the cruise, you could not only admire the nature but also could enjoy the classic Chinese culture and local culture of cormorant fishing.

The Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show is famed around China and even all over the world. The show is performed on the 2-kilometers-long section of the Li River. 12 karst hills are the background. Hundreds of villagers in the Yangshuo Countryside offer moving performance. You will know some on the culture of Zhuang Ethnic Minority, and cormorant fishing with a long history of hundreds of years in Guilin Region through the show.

Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show

More and more tourists and photographers visit Xianggong Hill for the sunrise in the very early morning. Compared to March, there is less rain in April. Thus, there are more chances to enjoy the sunrise in April. On the very early morning of the sunny days, karst hills around Xianggong Hill are hidden in the sea of clouds, just leaving the top of them seen. The procedure of the sunrise is always attractive. The hill features the best bird’s eye view of the Li River along its entire length.

In April, the Longji Rice Terraces is filled with water, creating the sea of shining mirrors when it is not rainy. In the sun, they give out colorful lights. On the morning after the rain, some clouds flow above the rice terraces. It also offers tens of ethnic minority villages to explore.

Xianggong Hill

If you are interested in old towns, Xingping Ancient Town is a good choice. The town was originally built in 265 AD. It offers old banyan trees, old bridges and old buildings. It is located along the western bank of the Li River. Thus, it features amazing natural beauty as well, such as Nine-horse Fresco Hill, Yellow Cloth Reflection and much more.

Zhengyang Walking Street is always crowded all over the year. It is popular among tourists and locals. It is a combination of old buildings, snacks, drinks and local specialties. You also could find western restaurant on the street


West Street in Yangshuo has been one of the most popular shopping and food streets in Southern China among both domestic and international visitors for years.

​Many foreign visitors who have visited the street have settled in Yangshuo with some of them becoming owners of a hotel, or a restaurant. Therefore, you will find the authentic western food, delicious Chinese snacks, local handicrafts, hotels in the classic Chinese style and more.

West Street

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