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​​​​​​Last Update: 23rd November 2019

What Are The Things To Do In Chengdu?
With a long history of more than 2,500 years, Chengdu is one of the historic and cultural cities in China. It is the birthplace of the civilization of the Ancient Shu Kingdom. Let’s see the things to do in Chengdu.

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Wuhouci Temple
Covering an area of 15 hectares, the Wuhouci Temple is the only one of the temple where the monarch, Liu Bei (161 – 223) and his subjects, including Zhuge Liang and other officials in the Shu – Han Dynasty (221 – 263) are worshiped in the one place. At the temple, you could explore the ruins of the Three Kingdoms (220 – 280), experience the culture during the period of time and visit the Jinli Street.

Kuanzhai Ancient Street
Kuanzhai Ancient Street features the style of the old house compounds in Sichuan West in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912). It is lined with old courtyards with black bricks and tiles. It offers a variety of interesting and creative bars, restaurants, hotels and other boutiques to explore.

Jinsha Archaeological Site
Founded on August 2, 2001, the Jinsha Archaeological Site is well-preserved. A museum was built there to preserve the site and valuable cultural relics excavated there. The ancient means of production, articles of daily use, ornaments, and other items found there reflect the life and development of the society in the Ancient Shu Kingdom from the 12th Century BC to the 7th Century BC.

Wenshu Temple
Originally built between 605 AD and 617 AD, Wenshu Temple is a sacred Buddhist place combining an old garden, old Buddhist buildings and religious studies. The existing wooden buildings feature a typical ancient style in the Western Sichuan Plain. You could visit the Buddhist buildings and admire the Buddhist relics in a quiet environment.

Qingcheng Mountain
Declared as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Qingcheng Mountain is also one of the four popular Taoist mountains across China. It is covered with various types of plants. You could explore some of the old buildings there, such as Jianfu Palace originally built in 730 AD, Zushi Hall, Laojun Pavilion and the natural cave – Sunrise Cave.

Du Fu Cottage
Du Fu Cottage is the former residence of Du Fu (712 – 770), a realistic literary writer in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). The cottage has a various types of materials, including sound books and handwritten copies from the Song (960 – 1279) to the Qing Dynasty, photocopies and stereotype editions in the modern times of works by Du Fu and other famous writers.

Huang Long Xi
Located around 40 kilometers from the center of Chengdu City, Huang Long Xi Ancient Town is more than 2,100 years old. The old buildings there are well-preserved. It offers old temples, archways, and dwellings. Some of them are entirely wooden but solid. You could enjoy the local snacks. When you walk to the uncrowded lanes, you will find it is much quieter.

Qingyang Temple
Originally built in the Zhou Dynasty (1056 BC – 256 BC), the existing Qingyang Temple was rebuilt between 1667 and 1671. As one of the well-known Taoist temples in China, it is composed of the mountain gate, Sanqing Hall, Doulao Hall, Eight Diagrams Pavilion, and Hunyuan Hall. Among them, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion is the best-preserved one. Doulao Hall is the only one original building in the Ming Dynasty.

Jinli Pedestrian Street
Jinli Pedestrian Street is part of Wuhouci Temple Museum. It is said that it is one of the oldest and most commercial streets in Chengdu. With a length of 550 meters, it features old houses with a style of West Sichuan between the end Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and the early Qing Dynasty. You could not only try local snacks there but also could appreciate local drama.

Chengdu Panda Research Base
Are you interested to take photos of the cute pandas during your stay in Chengdu? The Chengdu Panda Research Base offers you a great chance. In the base, you could see the adult pandas playing with each other on the outdoor, watch the baby pandas drink milk via a feeding bottle and other animals, such as lesser pandas and black-necked cranes.



Interested in the Things To Do In Chengdu?

Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Chengdu,  among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.