Things To Do In Chengdu In November Visiting Chengdu In November & What to do!

​​​Last Update: 21st November 2019

What Are The 10 Best Things To Do In Chengdu In November?
In November, it is late autumn in Chengdu. Views in some spots with mountains become more picturesque there. November is not during the peak season in Chengdu and it is not so cold there either. Chengdu offers old historic and cultural sites with natural beauty to discover. Let’s take a glimpse of the things to do in Chengdu in November.

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Qingcheng Mountain
Qingcheng Mountain is one of the Taoism birthplaces in China. The mountain consists of the front and back mountains. In November, the golden and red maple leaves add more beauty to the mountain. The well-preserved old Taoist buildings on the mountain are highlights there as well. It offers cable cars uphill and downhill.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System
If you are planning to explore Qingcheng Mountain, it is suggested that you visit Dujiangyan Irrigation System after the visit to the mountain. The two spots are situated close to each other. If you study the field of architecture or have strong interest in it, Dujiangyan Irrigation System is worth exploring at any time around the year.

Wuhouci Temple
Wuhouci Temple is a great option for those who are crazy about the classic Chinese history, especially the history and culture in the Three Kingdoms (220 – 265 AD). The precious cultural relics collected and preserved in the temple show some interesting and significant stories. It is recommended that you have a tour guide with you if you would like to know more about the related history.

Jinli Pedestrian Street
On the Jinli Pedestrian Street, you will enjoy shadow play. Traditional toys, clay sculptures, traditional Sichuan embroidery, eggshell paintings, sugar paintings and sugar-figure blowing show their own charm on the street. If you feel a little tired, you could refresh yourself in one of the local restaurants with local snacks.

Chengdu Panda Research Base
In November, it is a little cold in Chengdu, especially on the mountain. If you are planning to visit the cute pandas at Chengdu Panda Research Base on the Axe Mountain, it is suggested that you wear enough warm clothes. As the temperature is a little lower in November than that in October, giant pandas will go outside a little later to do exercises. Some of them climb trees, some enjoy bamboos and some play with each other. On fine days, the giant pandas will be put on a special blanket to have a sunbath.

Jinsha Archaeological Site
It could be said that Jinsha Archaeological Site is a paradise for the archaeological scholars and those who are very interested in the ancient Chinese history. Through the layout of the living area and the cemetery and the excavated objects there, you may have a clue to the society in n the the Ancient Shu Kingdom (1045 BC – 360 BC). In addition, the music drama – Jinsha and the 4D movie – Dream Back to Jinsha will offer you more information on the period.

Sichuan Opera
In cold months, it is an enjoyment to appreciate Sichuan Opera indoors. Shufeng Yayun Theater (蜀风雅韵) and Furong Guocui Theater (芙蓉国粹) are famous for the excellent Sichuan Opera shows. At the theater, you could taste the local snacks, and hot tea together with the typical face-changing and other popular repertoires.

Kuanzhai Ancient Street
Kuanzhai Ancient Street features old courtyards which are transformed into restaurants, creative boutiques, hotels and snacks stores, etc. On the street, you could experience the local traditional ear-cleaning, and enjoy the popular hot pot. And the two theater on the street also offers Sichuan Opera to watch. There are Western cafes and local tea house to choose from to refresh yourself.

Chengdu People’s Park
As one of the most popular parks among locals, People’s Park also enjoys a good reputation among visitors. The park is dotted with tens of 100-years-old trees. Locals, especially local elders love to have a good time through square dancing, playing classic Chinese instrument, mahjong, Chinese chess, and singing in the park. There is a corner for blind dating in the park to explore. In addition, you also could discover the 100-years-old tea house – Heming Tea House and take a cup of tea there.

Huang Long Xi
Huang Long Xi Old Town has a similar character to those of its kind in regions south of the Yangtze River thanks to a stream going its own way through the town. The old buildings in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912) are well-preserved there. The deep lanes not adjacent to the main street offer you a quiet environment to appreciate the uniqueness.




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