Things To Do In Beijing In AugustVisiting Beijing In August and What to do!

Last Update: 18th November 2019

What are the 11 Best Things To Do In Beijing In August ?

It is the hottest in Beijing in August. You should wear sunglasses and sunscreen cream and take an umbrella with you when you explore the best spots in Beijing. Though, you could find interesting things to do in Beijing in August. Let’s see what they are.

Interested in the Best Things To Do In Beijing In August during a Beijing Tour ?

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1. Forbidden City

Forbidden City is the most famous in Beijing in the world. Although it is hot in Beijing in August, it is the No. 1 spot in Beijing for tourists. It features official business area and living area for the emperors and their wives in the Ming (1368 – 1644) and Qing (1644 – 1912) Dynasties. You could know some about the life of them through some exhibits on display.


2. Olympic Park
It is free to enter Olympic Park. If you would like to visit Water Cube, and the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), you are required to purchase entrance tickets. In August, many locals enjoy swimming in the two spots to cool themselves. In addition, you could just walk through the Olympic Forest Park, discover the Olympic Village and the Sunken Garden there.

Best time to enjoy the Li River Cruise?

It is safer to enjoy the cruise from October to March and in May, July and August as it rains a little in Yangshuo.


How to get to the Li River Cruise?

There is no direct bus from Guilin city to the pier in Guilin. The only option is to rent a vehicle to the pier (the pier for the 3-star cruise is called Mopanshan Pier and the pier for the 4-star and 4.5-star cruises is Zhujiang Pier). For the private rafting, there are piers in Yangdi and Xingping.


Additional Li River Cruise Advice

  • As at 4th October 2020, the return cruise from Yangshuo to Yangdi is available & operating. It typically operates between April to October. The same applies for the Yangshuo to Guilin return cruises.
  • There are one or two vegetarian dish options on the 4-star and 4.5-star boats. If you are vegetarian, it is suggested that you have lunch at the very first beginning as some meat may drop into the vegetables when other passengers pick it.
  • There is a security check at the pier just like that at the airport. It is recommended that you arrive at the pier 30 minutes at least in advance.
  • All types of tickets on the 4-star and 4.5 star boats are capped with the same pricing due to the accounting reason. But the actual pricing is higher than that on the ticket.
  • For the Private Li River Cruise Rafts, persons over 65 years of age and under 120 cms tall are not permitted on-board.

3. Great Wall of China

If you’d like to experience the wisdom and the hardwork of ancient people in the Ming Dynasty through the Great Wall of China, it is recommended that you explore the Great Wall of China – Mutianyu which is less crowded compared to the Great Wall of China – Badaling. Please be sure to visit it in the morning in August as it takes around 3 hours at least to explore it. When it is at noon, the sunshine will be very strong.


4. Sanlitun Bar Street
Sanlitun Bar Street could be said to be the most popular bar street among foreigners in Beijing. As it is located in the Legation Quarter, many foreigners love to relax themselves at one of the one-of-kind bars there at night. In addition, you could wander Taikoo Li near the street

5. Tiananmen Square

Situated in front of the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square features the solemn national flag-raising ceremony in the very early morning. It is always held during the sunrise. The flag rises together with the sun. There are other more popular buildings on the square, including Great Hall of the People, the Monument to the People’s Heroes and the National Museum of China.


6. Beihai Park 

Beihai Park is located northwest of the Forbidden City. It is centered on the Beihai Lake. Originally built in the Jin Dynasty (1115 – 1234), it is the oldest and most completed garden in Beijing. The White Pagoda on the top of the mountain on Qionghua Island in the lake is one of the highlights in the park. You will find the Nine Dragon Wall with dragons on the two sides, a Chinese calligraphy museum and other historic buildings there. If interested, you could enjoy boating on the lake.

7. Temple of Heaven

As the venue for the emperors in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Temple of Heaven is listed among the must-visit spots in Beijing. It features the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, the Circular Mound Altar, Danbi Bridge, Huangqian Hall and much more. Through the exhibits there, you will get a little acquainted with the culture and etiquette applied by the emperors in the ceremony during the two periods of time.


8. Jingshan Park
Situated behind the Forbidden City, Jingshan Park is one of the most popular among locals and tourists. It is one of the royal gardens in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In August, the old trees on the mountain are much greener. You could hike to the Wanchun Pavilion to enjoy the panoramic views of the Forbidden City. In addition, there is a blind-dating corner in the park.

9. Beijing Hutongs

Hutongs are the best places to you to explore the Old Beijing life style in Beijing. You could find Hutongs nearly around the City of Beijing. In August, the elder like to cool themselves under an old tree near the Hutong and chat with each other. You could explore them on a rickshaw or just with your feet.


10. Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University is ranked as the best university in China. It is open to the public from the end-July to the mid-August. It features old buildings, such as the Wen Pavilion – an old hexagonal pavilion, the Gongzi Hall, the Auditorium, the Second School Gate and Guyue Hall built between 1782 and 1850. Please note, you need to book the entrance ticket on the WeChat Applet of the university 7 days at least beforehand.

11. Summer Palace
Summer Palace functioned as one of the royal gardens in the Qing Dynasty. The main areas there consist of Kunming Lake, and Wanshou Mountain. With a length of more than 700 meters, the corridor features more than 8,000 paintings in different styles. You could find a Tibetan Temple and Suhzou Street where the jade ware, gold and silver jewelry and silk goods are on sale. There are also many old buildings standing on the Wanshou Mountain.



Interested in the Best Things To Do In Beijing In August?

Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Beijing, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.

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