Son Tra Peninsulaspectacular scenery near Da Nang

Last Update: 24th October 2020
Located around 13 kilometers from the center of Da Nang, Son Tra Penninsula is 15 kilometers long. The widest point is 5 kilometers long while the narrowest is 1 kilometers long. It has virgin forests with a total area of 4,370 hectares. It was once an important radar and communication base during the Vietnam War.
Son Tra Peninsula Fast Facts
  • Name: Son Tra Peninsula
  • ​​​Length: 4,370 x hectares
  • Things to do there: Nature, Photography, Adventure
  • Who visits: Photographers, Nature Lovers, Adventure Enthusiasts
  • Time required: 3 – 4 x hours

What to expect at Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Penninsula is home to a diversity of plants and animals. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter Javanese monkeys, long-tailed macaque, and other endemic rare animals. Monkeys there are very smart. As soon as they hear some sound made by human beings, they will run away very fast.
You could visit the DRT Broadcasting Station with an elevation of 230 meters above sea level, overlooking the bird’s eye views of the center of Da Nang. Vong Canh’s House and Radar Station 29, also called IndoChinese Eye, are worth visiting as well. The Ban Co Mountain Peak offers panoramic views of the entire city. At the peak, a stone Chinese chess and a stone sculpture usually attract visitors’ attention.
One of the highlights on the penninsula is an old banyan tree. It is said that the tree is more than 1,000 years old. Linh Ung Buddist Temple and the 67-meters-high white jade statue of the Lady could be acclaimed to be the most popular spots on the penninsula. Visitors can climb up to the top of the statue through the stairs inside to appreciate the amazing views around. If you’d like to explore the main hall of the temple, you are required to take off your shoes before entering it. The temple features a Chinese style.
Under different weather conditions, Son Tra Penninsula is endowed with different views. Sometimes, the forests are decorated with clouds ribbons for a while. But a few minutes later, the sky above the forests could be clear. On the late afternoon of the fine days, you may enjoy stunning sunset glow.

Best time to visit Son Tra Peninsula

If you are planning to visit Son Tra Penninsula for photography purposes, the best time to visit is at sunset or sunrise.
The best months to visit are from March to October.


How to get to Son Tra Peninsula

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus to Son Tra Peninsula from Da Nang City. Thus, the only option is to rent a vehicle.


Additional Son Tra Peninsula Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 06:00 – 21:30
  • As at 24th October 2020, tourists can visit the Son Tra Peninsula for free.
  • Please take enough drinking water and food with you.
  • Please wear comfortable hiking shoes with you.
  • Please wear sunscreen cream and sunglasses.

Interested in visiting Son Tra Peninsula on a Tour?

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