​​​Last Update: 7th October 2020

Located on the estuary of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is the pride of China attracting millions of visitors from all over the world every year. In recent years, Shanghai has really witnessed robust development making it economically, politically and socially strong and an absolute pleasure to visit for people on their tour of China.


​Shanghai is a critical mix of Chinese culture just about perfectly blending in with the modern world which is evident in the lifestyle followed by people, the construction, entertainment, culture and the attitude of the locals. Shanghai is a well-connected hub of Rail, air and water transport making it easy to visit for the travelers on their China Tours.

Also known as Hu, Shanghai is the largest city in China and is spearheading the development and growth for the entire country.


More than 23 million people live and earn their livelihood in this beautiful city making it chirpy and full of life. Shanghai was one of the first cities in China to engage in foreign trade. Since then it has been a hub for shipping for the country.


Shanghai has a pleasant weather throughout the year with summers being humid and the temperature in high 30s during the day and winters around 10 degrees. The night temperature in summers brings a slight respite but it can be chilly during winter.

Some places to visit in Shanghai would be Huangpu with large underground shopping malls, people’s city square and the ever busy shops. Visitors can buy anything while they are in Shanghai.


For a charm of the original city lifestyle, people can visit the old Shanghai and see Yu Garden, The City Gold Temple and the Huxingting tree house.


​To visit the modern architecture, stadiums, the Hongqiao international airport, the Shanghai Zoo, commercial and entertainment hubs all offer opportunities to sightsee and find out for yourself why it’s called the ‘Paris of the East’.

Visit the Bund to see the colonial riverside of the old Shanghai being complimented by many old constructions giving it an entire colonial look for you to enjoy.


Visitors can also choose to move around Shanghai freely as there are various modes of transportation available.


You get choices for the conventional methods such as Taxi, local trains, the metro , buses, private transportation or you can choose from the unconventional methods such cycle, side cars, bikes and various other modes of transportation.


​Shanghai has something to offer for everyone and is one of the most amazing cities in the world.

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