Last Update: 6th October 2020

What is Sanjiang? 
Named after the most popular rivers in China, Sanjiang has the Rong River, Xun River and Miao rivers running through it. Sanjiang is located in the north area of Guangxi Province and is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery all around. Sanjiang forms its border with Longsheng and Guilin. It was incepted in 1105 by the Dong Dynasty and thus the majority of the populations living in Sanjiang nowadays are members of the Dong ethnic group (which is one of the 55 minority groups living in China). Sanjiang has to offer a lot heartwarming scenic views which are not to be missed by anyone on their Travels.

Sanjiang is also the perfect place to visit as the temperature has subtropical qualities. It is a bit warm and humid but is pleasant at all times and people can enjoy their stay without worrying about the chilly conditions. Sanjiang offers various tourist attractions such as The Chengyang Wing and Rain Bridge, Birds nest station, Dong People’s Eco Museum, Laobao scenic area, Liangkou scenic area, Mapang scenic area and a mix of more than 160 drum towers spread across the entire Sanjiang Area out of which the Mapang Drum tower is the most popular one because of its beautiful and impressive construction type.


Visiting Sanjiang with Wendy Wei tours offers you an insight to amaze you with the colors and festivals celebrated here. The Dong people are very warm and are ready to share as well as teach their customs to outsiders. You can witness various kinds of celebrations being cherished here throughout the year mixed with dancing, singing and beautiful clothes worn by the locals here. Sanjiang is built to perfection that is measurable for the people who decide to visit this beautiful blend of nature and Chinese heritage all mixed in one place.

Interested in visiting Sanjiang?

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