Firstly, thank you everybody who has been kind enough to send through or post a review of their visit with us.  We appreciate the feedback and will continue to post reviews on this webpage to hopefully provide an insight and reference into potential China tours.  Please contact us for more information. 

Top Rated Guilin Tour Operator according to Tripadvisor

Wendy was our private tour guide in Guilin, China.  Our group consists of six people and we had a wonderful experience.  Wendy was very flexible with our schedule and she customized the tour to meet our specific needs.  She made the whole tour experience fun and adventurous.

My most memorable experience was when we climbed the waterfall together.  It was a lot of fun.  If you’re looking for a fun, knowledgeable and adventurous guide to show you around Guilin; look no further because Wendy is the righperson.  Thanks again for making our visit to Guilin such a memorable time.
Gary, Jimmy, Jeremy, Christian, Van & Jerry
Los Angeles, USA

Wendy was the perfect guide.
She had made a perfect and meticulous itinerary for us.

Her enthusiasm and zeal made our tour to Guilin and Yangshuo more interesting.

We will certainly recommend one and all of our friends who visit China to have Wendy as their guide for this place. We are sure she will go a long way and in short time she will be able to open her own agency.  Unlike other guides, she never forced us to shopping places. Wendy understand human psychology very well.  We found her to be a very kind person.  Her pride for her town and community and patriotism for her country was very apparent.  ALL THE BEST TO WENDY 
Swati & Samir
Ahmedabad, India

Wendy is a fantastic guide.  She showed us around the sights of Guilin and Yangshuo.  From the offset, Wendy was very organised, creating a varied itinerary around our requirements.  
We asked to see the lesser known sights as well as some of the more famous attractions.  We also asked Wendy to show us the local cuisine.  

Graham & Helena 

Manchester, England

  • Planned itinerary well to match the time available
  • We were taken to places which came from her heart
  • Excellent knowledge of areas & history e.g minority groups
  • Excellent communication skills & grasp of English which was very much appreciated by our Australian + Chinese group
  • We all found Wendy was very personable, generous with her time and was sensitive to the needs of our group
  • We all found Wendy had a cheerful & humorous disposition with a relaxed style
  • It was a wonderful experience for us!

Roger & Anne-Marie, Neil & Jane, Niujun
Adelaide, Australia; Hebei, China

We (2 Adults + 4 Children) had the chance to have Wendy for a complete week from Guizhou to Guilin.  

I fully agree with Andreas’ comments made in another feedback: very professional, very organized, always making sure that we were satisfied (customer service spirit).

She customized a very detailed program for us before the trip which helped us a lot to make the good decisions.  Knowing that we are French, it is a good effort as we always want to do something special!

The program was intense but well balanced with marvelous sites such as Huangshen waterfalls, Yangshuo, Guilin and the discovery of more remote villages in the countryside.  Her English is perfect which made the communication very easy.  In addition, she connected well with our children which was good for them and their English.  To take the best of this area, do not hesitate to ask Wendy to customize a package for you.  You will not regret it!

Nathalie et Jean-Luc 

Shanghai, China

We had a family trip to Guilin by Wendy. We were really overwhelmed by her guidance and informative discussion. 

She showed us the best destinations and wonderful sites around the area.

We would highly recommend her and thank her for making our trip so extraordinary.
The Koehler family

Hong Kong

We met Wendy in the south of China. She was our translator during 9 days, to help us understand chinese people in a small village. She is very friendly, interesting, good English speaker. 

We spent such a good time together and it was great experience! Wendy is clever and she always smiles, so it was easy to live there. She became a good friend. We have spent a very good time with her. The time flew too quickly… Hope we will see you again.  Thanks again sweet girl!
Audrey & Ludo, Guigui & Mariette

Lyon, France

We recently spent 3 days with Wendy in Guilin (Yangshuo, Longji). We had a very tight schedule in Guilin and Wendy chose exactly the right tour for us! Guilin itself is definitely worth a visit and Wendy makes it even more worthy! She is an angel! During the whole tour we did not feel just like any tourists, she made us feel like friends.

We loved to spend time with her, she is very professional whilst being such a nice young woman with great personality and she knew everything about the landscapes and the culture.  Wendy took us to places that were not too crowded and always cared a lot for our wishes and needs… 
All in all, I think there is no better choice than Wendy if you should ever plan to Guilin!

Anja & David
Frankfurt, Germany

Hi Wendy,
We often think about the wonderful time we had with you & the interesting things we did – our highlights were the drive in the Audi A6L from Guilin to Yangshuo, visiting local villages, interacting with the peanut farmer & his water buffalo, harvesting the rice, rice terraces, Impression Show,etc.  We would recommend you to any of our friends.

Bev & Lindsay 

Melbourne, Australia

I am a solo traveler from Canada.  I hired Wendy as my tour personal guide when I visited Guilin from November 19 to 21 in 2011.  She was highly recommended by a fellow tourist friend that I met in Shanghai a week earlier.  She replied me promptly by e-mail after my friend’s e-mail introduction.

I am glad that I hired Wendy as she was well versed with western educated tourists like me.  She arranged a ride to pick me up at the airport and drove me to my hotel.  

During the two days that I hired her, she took me to a three hours raft ride down the Li River, fishing villages along the Li River, YangShuo, YaoShan, the Scenic Garden of Liu SanJie, Reed Flute Cave and the Minority Park (boat ride into a dark cave).  Wendy was aware that I wanted a relaxing visit without the usual hustle and rush that you find in most tours.  

I have had a great time visiting the many beautiful attractions and enjoyed the great sceneries with constant explanation or story behind each attraction by Wendy.  We conversed in English without any difficulty.  I just wished that I have had more time to visit more places and I would definitely hire her when I visit Guilin again.  A friendly and super tour guide! 


Vancouver, Canada

My family and I used Wendy’s services during our trip in Guilin. We had a wonderful time with Wendy as our guide. I found Wendy to be very reliable, knowledgeable, and professional. She speaks perfect English so there’s no miscommunication. She took care of us very well, especially since we had elderly in our group.

Not to mention she was very friendly so it felt like we were traveling with a family member rather than escorted around by a tour guide.  She was an excellent tour guide and I’d highly recommend Wendy to anyone traveling to Guilin. 
Mario & Family


Our group consists of fourteen people and we had a wonderful experience with Wendy while we were in Guilin. Through the 6 days, Wendy has shown her professionalism in handing all our needs beyond her duties. She generously extended her working hours till night accompanying us whenever we wish to go. Although our group is always late, she has no compliant at all, accommodating us all the time. We were not being “Chase” by her.

Wendy has a good command in English & explained well all the itineraries & has a good local knowledge of the area and places of interest. All our meals were well arranged by her. She even took care of our hotel complaint although the hotel was book on our own. One most important thing to note is that we were Never taken to any of these commercial tourist shops where we were “force” to purchase. First time in all my trips in the past 12 years.

On behalf of the group, I wish to say a big ” Thank you” for taking care of us in the past 6 days. Additional Thank you from me & my family for all the help extended to me in Yangshou for sending my son to hospital when he felt ill. This trip is taken as one of my BEST trip ever! More important is that we have a good guide like you. Thank you again for showing us the best Guilin has offer. Please feel free to contact us if you happened to be in Kuala Lumpur and we are most willing to play host to you.
Sam & Family (6 persons), CH Foo & Family (4 persons), Mr & Mrs Chong Cm, Mr & Mrs Choy Ys

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We spent three wonderful days exploring Guilin and the country side thanks to Wendy Wei. The three days were well planned by Wendy so that we made the most of our time even with the challenge of the ever changing weather. Not only did we explore Guilin and the highlights of the city, the shops, the markets and the local tourist spots, we also journeyed outside of Guilin to see the famous Li River, the local villages and the Rice Paddies. 

We went on a river ride on the Li River, a trip to a beautiful limestone cave, went on an evening cruise of the Guilin lakes and even experienced a demonstration of the local fishing with cormorants (a type of bird). The whole trip was awesome and we owe it to Wendy.

She was very accommodating and flexible in order to meet our needs. We also had true taste of the local food. Again Wendy was very helpful in making recommendations of what locals eat and we tried it all. The trip was very educational as well. I am a person with many questions, and Wendy was great at explaining everything, including the local history. I highly recommend Wendy as a tour guide.
Bernard Wong
Sydney, Australia

We had the best time in Guilin. We were there for three days and Wendy planned our itinerary to perfection. She listened to everything we wanted to see and added her own input. The result was a spectacular three days. Wendy is a true local and knows all the ins and outs of the area. She was able to take us to places no other tour group would include. She has a wealth of knowledge that made our trip to this area very interesting and worthwhile.
I would highly recommend her as a tour guide, in fact I will have no hesitation in telling my family and friends about her if they should visit Guilin. 
Wendy was thorough and very professional. I cannot praise her highly enough.

Anne Wong

Sydney, Australia

First of all, I have to say that it was a pleasure to visit Guilin and surrounded places with Wendy as a guide.  She knows the main attractions as well as lots of different places where you can feel the real China countryside.

We could visit some of the typical spots in Guilin as well as non-touristic small villages, climb well known peaks, see Cormorant Fishing, climb to the Rice Terraces and also give us the opportunity to try local food (or even cook a Spanish omelet in a typical kitchen of a rural hotel on top of the rice terraces…unbelievable).  

In our case we wanted to experiment some adventure activities and Wendy designed a specific tour for us with some of them such as hiking, rafting, riding bicycles through rural paths..She also offered us some other interesting things as camping in isolated places and waterfall-climbing but we didn’t have enough time for everything. What a pity! In short, unforgettable. 

Samuel & Yiyi

Malaga, Spain

When I started to search for a guide on my trip to minority villages, I contacted Wendy. She responded very quickly with a trip itinerary and a few suggestions of places I did not think about. 

Wendy impressed me by her professionalism and constant happy mood.  As a photographer, she always made efforts to understand and fulfill my needs.  My trip has been a very successful and enjoyable experience.  Strongly recommended!

Beijing, China

If you’re traveling to the Guilin area and not interested in being part of a big group in a tour bus going from one location to the next following a guide with a flag, then hiring a personal guide is the way to go, and I definitely would recommend Wendy.

My wife and I spent 5 days in Guilin as a side trip from Hong Kong, and we contacted Wendy before we left Canada.  She was easy to contact via email and even when she was out on a tour; she let us know if she was going to be slow in responding.

Our airplane tickets on the other hand, was difficult to arrange as our original carrier canceled the route completely and we had to juggle our original plans.  Wendy was very flexible and even offered to help if having a local contact would make a difference.

 We had done a lot of research into the area and knew what we wanted to see and listed them out.  Wendy took those and customized a schedule for us and topped it up with a few things we didn’t know about (the Impressions show about a local heroine named Third Sister Lui, Shangi-la park and the 4 lake cruise).

 We ended up seeing the old towns (Daxu and Fuli), old markets, the Longji rice terraces, local markets, Li river rafting, bamboo rafting and a bunch of other stuff.  We avoided all the tourist shopping areas (the “traps”) and didn’t feel any pressure to shop.  We’re also are quite adventurous with foods and Wendy took us to some very nice places (but nothing that would be un-safe).  Although we did prep ourselves with Dukerol before we left Canada.

She also arranged for a driver to take us everywhere, and we just ended up calling him “the driver”.  LOL.  He was very courteous and more importantly very safe!  Anyone from North American will be amazed at how crazy the local traffic can be.

Overall, we would recommend Wendy as she was able to help us pack a lot of site seeing, picture taking and see the history of Guilin in a few days.



My wife and I were lucky enough to book Wendy as our tour guide for our 4 days in Guilin.  Wendy is fluent in English and she has an extensive knowledge of Guilin. She took us to some great
places to eat and we were shown a good mix of old and new attractions.

She prepared a very thoughtful itinerary fully inclusive of all costs and was happy to change things to meet our desires. As she has an Australian boyfriend living in Guilin we had a lot to talk about as we are also Aussies . She uses a good safe driver and the van was very comfortable.  I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy as a guide.
Mark & Maura

Perth, Australia 

I recently returned from a 3 week tour of China.  From October 18-21 I had the privilege of having Wendy Wei as my tour guide.  We visited fantastic areas around the Li River including Xingping and Yangshuo and then drove to the Jinkeng Rice Terraces.

My tour was very well planned out as we had adequate time for all the sights I wanted to see but it remained flexible for possible changing situations.

Our driver was exceptionally good as I felt safe on the varied road surfaces that we traveled.  

One of Wendy’s strengths is her ability to communicate.  I was very impressed with her timely responses to my many e-mails and also, her command of written English is absolutely superb.  Also, on more than one occasion Wendy engaged local residents/crafts people in conversation to learn more about what they were doing right then.  I appreciated this as I was interested in learning more about the everyday life of the Chinese person.  It was very interesting to learn exactly what  craft this person was doing and how much money he/she would make per item in a day.

I told Wendy that I enjoyed hiking and was interested in a physical tour and that is exactly what I got.  Every day we did some serious climbing, usually steps, and she was with me every step of the way, literally.  She is in great physical shape and could keep up with most anyone.

Wendy also helped me with picking out meals, which I was reluctant to do on my own, and always chose wisely for me.  She gave me helpful hints as to the correct protocol to follow when taking someone’s picture.  Learning to ask first if it’s a close up as some of the older folk believe that having their picture taken some how removes something from their life, was very helpful.

I found Wendy very comfortable to be around and she was always very easy to talk with and when asked would gladly tell you about herself.  I enjoyed my time with Wendy very much and highly recommend her to be your tour guide.  You will not regret it.  
California, USA

Guilin is a beautiful city and certainly worth the visit. There are lots of beautiful places to visit and we were fortunate to have Wendy as our guide who helped us plan our itinerary well.

This turned out to be a great idea as we were travelling with our young daughter and were not able to follow the rigid tour groups . Wendy made sure we covered enough of Guilin (the sights, the shows, the local food etc.) within the time we had and made our trip really pleasant and interesting . Wendy also helped us with our onward trip to Yangshou.

We will definitely make another trip to Guilin again and looking forward to seeing Wendy again. (Our 5 year old daughter has grown fond of her and been asking us to go Guilin again 🙂 ) 

Desmond, Soofun & Danise

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hanna’s Review…
I hope all is well in Guilin and that you are having a good time with your tourists. 

I am sure they are enjoying you – now that I/we have experienced other guides in China who were all great, nice and informative, I can say that, as a guide, you are in a league of your own, far above the rest of them. 

Sarah and I probably bored our friends with stories of how wonderful you were in comparison to the other guides.


Hunter Valley, Australia

Sarah’s Review…
We spent 5 days travelling with Wendy in Guangxi province and saw far more than we could have possibly found by ourselves.  Not only was she super organised, but her commentary on the cultural and historical aspects of the regions we saw, in particular the customs and history of the minority peoples, added a depth to the trip that was most invaluable.  

She charges a fair price for her services, is totally honest, and most importantly if one is not used to bargaining, she provides a guide as to what to pay and when to tip for anything else you might wish to spend money on.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone for a long or short, luxury or budget trip, and would definitely seek to travel with her again on a return trip to China.  The guides she recommended in our subsequent destinations were also excellent. Overall this is a fantastic network of generous, honest, and dedicated guides who combined to make our whole trip entirely stress free and much more interesting.


Melbourne, Australia

After 7 weeks in China with as many guides, this is the one review I’ve looked most forward to writing. The highlight(s) of my trip were all while Wendy was my guide. 

She is delightful and professional, interesting and interested. She speaks excellent English and is easily understood. She is intelligent and enjoys travel as much being a guide. She heard me say, “I do not want to do the touristy thing” and gave me a unique experience.
I could continue this long flowering expo about the merits of Wendy, but… What I would like you to know is:

Wendy is an extraordinary young woman who listened to my friends and my idea of a dream trip and did everything she could to make it a reality. Wendy worked endless hours to satisfy our whims and fancy. 

She never showed frustration when we wanted to change plans. She always worked toward our best interest. That is not always the case even with “great guides”. We were lucky to find such a rare and selfless person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for China.  Now, we love both you and China:o


Wendy is a highly professional tour guide. She planned our three day trip around Guilin, according what we asked for and was really flexible. It is rare to find a guide speaking such a good english. It make it possible to have real discussion.

So we chatted a lot about China and France (our country) and that was a real good way to learn about our differences. The driver she had chosen was very nice and safe.  The trip is a really good memory of us and we highly recommend Wendy
Christophe and Family

Shanghai, China (from France)

From the first email contact to the actual day of the trip – Wendy did not disappoint. 

Her english is excellent and her communication skills are very good. We are a family of 3 ( Mom, Dad and 10 year old daughter )

We had a very short time in Guilin and really only wanted to see the Longji Rice Terraces and a Cormorant fishing show…. 

Wendy was great in tailoring the day to our requirements and level of adventure. She was clear in her communication to us on what to expect and flexible when we needed to make some changes along the way.   She was very comfortable with us and friendly.  Her driver was safe and at no time did we feel nervous.  

Needless to say, our day with Wendy was wonderful. The Longji Rice Terraces were an adventure we will never forget. We highly recommend Wendy.

Kelly & Bill

Toronto, Canada

My wife and I (mid fifties) spent three days with Wendy and her driver, Leo in Guilin, China area in March, 2013. Leading up to the tour she was very professional and always responded quickly to my emails. 

She even spent time before I had booked the tour to look up travel information that was unrelated to her tours (e.g. how to get to Guilin by train, bus, etc.). Her English is very good (with a slight Australian accent), no problem understanding her. Her knowledge of the region is extensive, but the best part of our time with her was her sparkling personality. She is a fun and enthusiastic person to be around for three days.

Her choice of travel experiences was custom tailored to our needs and was very well chosen. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who needs a guide in the Guilin area. Anyone who does not speak Chinese will have a difficult time navigating around the Guilin area, Wendy was invaluable for insuring that we enjoyed the most travel experiences in the shortest amount of time.

Keith & Deborah

Alberta, Canada

My experience with Wendy as the guide for a tour of the Guangxi province has been wonderful. 

It started with fuss free and efficient planning of the trip via email – Wendy took stock of preferences, proposed an itinerary and met every desire within budget. Then whilst on tour, she made it all go smoothly and seamlessly.

Accommodation, transportation, visits and activities, all happened without the least hassle giving us the perfect conditions to relax, take in all the beauty of Guangxi and enjoy the excitement of discovery. 

Wendy knows her way around without hesitation and has great sensitivity for the needs and aspirations of foreign tourists in China. She is a very friendly companion and is both discrete and entertaining in a very professional way. I warmly recommend her services to all travellers.

Luca and Elizabeth


Hi Wendy,
We reached safely and getting ready to start working from tomorrow again..We would like to thank you very much for the kindness and care you shown towards us during the trip to Guilin.

Do let us know if you visit HK. Hope to see you again somewhere sometime!
Keep in touch!

Ravi and Chiharu

Hong Kong, China

Hello Wendy,

 We would like to thank you for organising our recent Magical Minorities Tour.  The accommodation was excellent and we appreciated its location in each  town.

Mr Liao was a fantastic driver and we felt safe with his driving at all times, and we were especially thankful for him driving us to the Jinkeng village.  

Eric the guide was the most thoughtful, knowledgeable and likable guide we have had on a tour.  His dedication to his duties was above all of our expectations, at all times he was thinking of our comfort and enjoyment of the tour.  Nothing was too much trouble for him, we cannot speak too highly of his skills.  

We will happily recommend this tour to anyone we know visiting  the Guilin region.  Once again thank you for arranging this fantastic tour.

Dorothy & Barry 
Queensland, Australia

We wanted to share our delightful experience with Wendy Wei Tours. We only had three days in Guilin/Yangshuo area and we wanted to see and experience as much as we could of this great chinese culture as it was our first visit to China. 

From my initial contact with Wendy, she listened patiently to my numerous itinerary requirements and within a two hour period she put together and emailed a private program that would suit my family needs. 

Wendy is not the cheapest around, however like most things in life, you get what you pay for, Wendy’s english is excellent, she’s very professional yet personal, was always engaged, knowledgable and made our day trips seem effortless. 

We highly recommend Wendy, and thank you again for a pleasant experience. We 
will most definitely use your guiding services again.

Our best wishes to you and to (our safe driver) and looking forward to seeing you in the future.
Omar Ameen & Family

Melbourne, Australia

I had never been to Guilin before and decided to book online a private tourist guide. 

I found Wendy’s site and emailed her. She is very professional, caring, honest, confident in all she does.

At first meeting when met at the airport i felt i already you knew her.
She made me feel at home straight away and nothing was too hard for her at all.  We changed our itinerary some to suit weather and traffic conditions on both days i was there.

I would recommend any one visiting Guilin to use Wendy as your tour guide as she is so friendly and could not do enough for me. Her price for guide is spot on and you wont regret using her.


Brisbane, Australia

We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with Wendy Wei in Guilin and Yangshuo. 

She is an amazing person and a wonderful guide, and this comes from someone who has employed many private guides in China in the past. Her English is excellent, both in speaking and comprehension. 

We appreciated the professionalism she displayed both in the planning process and in the guiding service. We were very impressed with the high level of engagement she provided with us. This is unusual for private guides and we appreciated it.

We chose Wendy based on her feedback, her interactions with us during our expedited planning process, and her willingness to entertain and accommodate changes in the itinerary, together with her responsiveness, deciding that there was extra value in selecting her to be our guide. We were right. 

She provided wonderful extra touches that were greatly appreciated including excellent restaurant recommendations allowing us to enjoy local food, local snacks, and special fruit provided to help with my lost voice. The hotels she suggested were excellent, providing a local experience with western-type facilities. Although our time with her was short, she became a good friend whose knowledge of the area was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Judy & Lee 


Hiring a guide has its risks, but Wendy Wei is a sure bet. She was the person I communicated with by e-mail about the plans/quotes and she was also the tour guide. Nothing lost in translation. Wendy has clear English, is licensed, uses a safe driver and has competitive rates. Most importantly, she has detailed local knowledge and contacts, and is flexible (can work with weather or other circumstances outside of anyone’s control) to maximize your trip experience. 

We arrived late in the morning on our first day, checked in our hotel, had a Guilin noodle lunch at a popular local restaurant, and drove 1.5 hrs to Yangshuo for our raft trip. The 2 person rafting trip on the smaller Li Jiang River was relaxing. We told the man who managed our raft that we would pay him a tip if he didn’t stop for shopping along the way. We did go for a couple of digital photos (developed and laminated on the spot) as the shots were so good. It was a relatively short experience, around an hour, but nice to be on the water level. Then Wendy took us on a 2 hour bike ride through the Yangshuo country side which was a must do. Lots of stops for photos. We rode through villages and fields, along the river and ended at West Street for dinner. Wendy showed us a popular restaurant with a balcony overlooking all the action on West Street (restaurant and shopping central). The last stop was the nightly Impression Third Sister Liu show in Yangshuo. The choreographer oversaw the opening/closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics- it was impressive as hundreds of villagers participate, it is set on the river and the Karst Mountains are lit up as the backdrop, Unique and unforgettable. Go for the higher level seating with better views and seats with backs to them; bundle up as you sit outside.

The second day we devoted to the larger Li river cruise on a 2 level Chinese tourist boat which had indoor seating and plenty of outdoor deck space. Lunch and tea were included, you could supplement if you wanted to. We got to watch the locals in action- ordering sunflower seeds, soft shell crabs, snails and other delicacies. The cruise began North of Yangshuo and ended at West Street again, so we had one more chance to pick up souvenirs before heading back. 

Tips: We divided our flights between the two airlines that service Guilin so we could maximize our time. Staying in Yangshuo would have saved a few hours commuting time as that is where all the action is. If we went back I would add in rock climbing, a hike through the mountain rice paddies or a cooking class. The area was surprisingly clean and picturesque, so it was a wonderful snapshot of rural China. We left our large luggage at our hotel in Hong Kong so we only went to Guilin with a small suitcase and a backpack (for the raft/bike trip).
Anita & Paul 
Boston, USA

My husband and I had a few different English speaking guides in China for our trip and Wendy is by far the best guide we had (for Guilin/Yangshuo). She spoke perfect English and we can hold a normal conversation like we were friends. 

Wendy is super friendly and accommodating. She is also very organized. Right when we got in the car, she had an itinerary all printed out and confirmed with us our plans for the two days. Wendy is also very thoughtful and prepared snacks and drinks for us when she picked us up from the airport. 

Further, Wendy was very good managing the time. We had a flight delay on the first flight and she was able to manage the time throughout the day and we were able to make the impressions show in Yangshuo on time the first day. My husband and I had a wonderful time with Wendy and we highly recommend her as your private guide. We love our time in Guilin/Yangshuo and Wendy made good use of our limited time there.

Elena & Anderson

Los Angeles, USA

My wife and I were delighted when we had the opportunity in visiting China and our highest priority was to visit beautiful Guilin. To maximise our cultural and social experience, Wendi Wei stood out as the guide to go with. 

From the first of many emails, she instilled a sense of confidence through her excellent English, extensive knowledge, prompt response to emails and her commitment to customizing a tour exclusively for us. 

All this combined with Wendy’s bubbly, friendly personality, and her enthusiasm made it a memorable holiday!

Wendy is very professional, plans thoroughly, pays a attention to detail but, at the same time is flexible. She adjusted our itinerary with minimum fuss when the Li Jiang River was closed to small boats when we were due to explore it. No problem. The following afternoon, when the river was again open to boats, we completed the cruise on a larger vessel, and the scenery was wonderful! Also on the Li Jiang River at Yangshou, we enjoyed the most spectacular event: Impression – Third sister Liu show with a magnificent backdrop of 12 mountains framing the massive stage. 

This not-to-be-missed, world-class, show with an audience of 2,000 people each at 3 shows per night, featured a cast of 700 local villagers in colourful costumes with spectacular lighting of the surrounding landscape, was conceived by the Director of the Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, so we got to experience some of that Olympics magic!

Other highlights included visits to minority villages, and a meal with a village family in their home, in the Long Ji rice terraces. The scenery was spectacular!

Wendy gave us a good insight into beautiful, clean and friendly Guilin where the river and lakes are lined with extensive landscaping, manicured gardens and adventurous walkways leading to secluded spaces where people congregate in the early morning to practice tai chi, play music and dance and to the spectacular twin (sun and moon) pagodas that complement to fairyland lighting of the Guilin waterways at night.

To experience the best of China, we strongly recommend Wonderful Wendy Wei.

Merrilyn & Russ

Queensland, Australia

Wendy helped us to plan an excellent agenda before leaving for China, including local independent hotels. She arranged for a car and driver, cormorant fisherman, a cooking lesson, a visit in a private home in an ancient village, and much more.

She was very knowledgeable and flexible, which was important because adjustments to the plans were necessitated during the trip by flooding rains. 

Wendy was on the phone determining alternative routes to washed out roads, changing appointments, and talking with locals about conditions. Her English is better than many native speakers in the US. She is easy going. It was a delight to spend time with her and to hear her insights and points of view. If I were returning to the Guilin area I would eagerly ask Wendy to be my guide again

Bob & Larry

Michigan, USA

What a delightful, friendly, competent, knowledgeable and hard-working young woman. Wendy looked after my wife and me for 5 days at the end of October and we had a wonderful time.

We had some ideas on what we wanted to see, but each night we sat down with Wendy and discussed what we wanted to do the following day, and the next morning it was all organized – car, driver, timetable, tickets, etc. Wendy thinks on her feet – here’s just one example –  I made a mistake with an accommodation booking – my wife doesn’t do 2 star.  By that evening, Wendy had a room at the 5 star Shangri La all sorted out.

Part of what Wendy organised for us – transport and accommodation at the rice terraces, transport to Yangshou with tea plantation visit on the way. Bike riding and rafting on the Yulong river. Impressions show tickets and transport. Transport from Yangshou to Gulin, with brief tour of Yangshuo, visit to Xingping village, one way 3 hour raft trip up the Li river – left all the tourists behind after ½ hour. Delivered to Shangri La and assisted with check in. Meal in Guilin and walk through the lights in the Guilin gardens that night. Seven star gardens walk and seeing the pandas. Dreamlike Li River show tickets and transport.
My wife also appreciated the shopping expedition. Wendy was generous with her time and local knowledge and went out of her way to show her the clothing items she was interested in.

And cost wise – even including the daily cost of Wendy’s service, had we booked all these shows, tours and accommodation through a travel agent, it would have cost about 40% more. So hiring Wendy made financial sense as well as allowing us to experience stress free travel.
Thank you Wendy for being so versatile and letting us into your life. We had so many questions which you so competently answered about modern day life in China. 

John & Vicky
Auckland, New Zealand

We booked a 3 days private tour with Wendy’s company last week.  She spent the first day with us and her colleague Mo was our guide for the next 2 days.  It has been a very well planned itinerary, their local knowledge and history were excellent, 

not to mention fantastic communication skills by both Wendy and Mo.  Their professionalism, great personalities, and sense of humour has made our 3 day tours extra special.

During those 3 days, we visited Li River, had personalised photos with a cormorant fisherman, YangShuo, Reed Flute Cave, Yao Mountain, Elephant Trunk Hill, LongJi Rice Terrace and Yao Minority group.  My husband and myself have been to many places, including Europe, America and Asia, have to say Guilin, LongJi Rice Terrace & Villages would be one of the most amazing places we have been to now. 

Many thanks to Wendy and her team, we will always remember and treasure those 3 days.  Highly recommend Wendy and her team to anyone wishs to see the real Guilin
Eleanor & Chris
Sydney, Australia

Wendy is an excellent guide for the Guilin – Yangshuo area. I was travelling with my wife and daughter (17) and 

Wendy added so much to our experience in the Guilin area. She speaks excellent English, is very organized and has a very engaging and friendly personality. 

Wendy provided a very good vehicle and driver and created an itinerary full of interesting things to see and experience and the best of the scenery. She always anticipated everything we would need. What made the two days we spent with Wendy particularly special is that she took us to places away from the main tourist attractions and which we never would have seen on our own. 

I particularly enjoyed the villages, small towns and countryside of that part of Guangxi. I would highly recommend hiring Wendy, whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newcomer to Asia. 


Vancouver, Canada

Recently my wife, our 15 year old son and my sister-in-law visited Guangxi for a 6 day tour with Wendy.If anyone is considering visiting the area then I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough. 

The whole service provided was outstanding right from our initial communication via email to the conclusion of our holiday. Wendy was very kind and considerate to our needs and went out of her way to make sure we were all happy. 

Wendy’s English is superb and the driver she used was very safe and knowledgeable of the area. Thanks to Wendy we had a most enjoyable time, she exceeded our expectations and taught us a great deal.
Wendy thank you very much, Tim, Sue, Daniel and Carol.

Tim & Family
Tianjin, China & England

There is nothing but good things I have to say about Wendy from the first email until our good byes at the airport. 

Wendy’s English communication was perfect, I think it’s better than me. She was professional and precise from the beginning, we emailed numerous times a day during our planning stage, she response quickly and always answers my questions, sometimes more than I requested. 

We arrived at the airport at 1 in the morning, Wendy personally came to pick us up at that hour, and woke up with her driver to pick us up at 9am. She had water, snacks, even beer for the grownups, and candy for the kids prepared for us. She took care any issues we may have, took us to delicious local restaurants based on our requests. 

She was with us each day from early morning at 9am to night time at 10pm, and all with big smile and watches for our needs all day long. There is no better way to travel than traveling as such with Wendy. Of course the scenery and views are great, but I think Wendy made our trip that much better. Thank you Wendy!!!
Mimi, Nat, Aiden & Kylin
New York, USA

Wendy guided us around Guilin this July and I have to say she is really a perfect guide. 

We were an “interesting” gathering, my wife and our daughter being French-Chinese and tri-lingual, 2 relatives being mandarin-speaking only and myself French-English only. 

Wendy took great care of us and managed very well our small Babylon team. Her English is perfect, she knows all the places, their history, can give you all sort of explanation if you want to, or just let you enjoy the moment if you prefer. She is very flexible, very sweet and attentive to your objectives / taste. 

She never tried to push us to buy from stores but always help us and gave us advice when we needed to. We had other guides in Beijing and Shanghai, nice persons as well, but nothing compared to the professionalism and kindness of Wendy. I usually do not give reviews or I tend to be a little bit harsh when I do, but I really thought Wendy deserve a very nice review

Phillipe & Jennifer

Toronto, Canada

Keizo & Wendy

A mediados de marzo del 2013 yo y mi amigo fuimos de viaje desde Japon para Guilin.
Guilin era para mi un lugar que hacia mucho tiempo que deseaba conocerlo.
Navegando por internet la encontre a Wendy que en su pagina de presentacion decia que hablaba un espanol basico , yo tambien hablo

espanol asi que he decidido contactarme con ella, le pedi un plan de turismo por dos dias,la repuesta fue rapida y concreta asi que he decidido contar con su sevicio.
Ella me ha organizado un plan de turismo personalizado por dos dias visitando los lugares mas populares de la zona.
El encuentro fue en el lobby del hotel,Wendy era bonita,simpatica y parecia que la conociera desde antes.

El tiempo tambien nos acompano durante todo el viaje asi que hemos podido ver y disfrutar de los paisajes mas bellos del lugar .
Otra experiencia inolvidable fue compartir un almuerzo en una casa particular en la zona rural de la terreza de Longji , que tambien ella nos habia organizado y creo que esto fue la comida mas sabroza que he probado durante este viaje.
La comunicacion durante el viaje fue principalmente en ingles pero tambien hemos hablado en espanol, asi que fue una mezcla de dos idiomas. Wendy es la unica guia que habla el espanol en Guilin asi que a todos los hispano-parlantes les recomiendo a Wendy para que sea su guia si deciden viajar a Guilin, estoy seguro que no se arrepentiran.

Wendy la verdad que hemos difrutado mucho del viaje con tu ayuda y ya estoy pensando ya en otro viaje en el futuro porque Guilin es un lugar para repetir.

Wendy muchas gracias, eres fabulosa y muy profesional!!!
Keizo M
Mitoyo, Japan