Mengjinglai traditional Dai ethnic minority village near Myanmar

​​​Last Update: 20th October 2020

Parted with Minela by the Daluo River, Mengjinglai is a traditional Dai village. Villagers always do business with the Shan people in Myanmar and even marry them. They also live a traditional life style similar to that their forefathers enjoyed. The relatively quiet environment and the simple life could make people relaxed in the body as well as mind.

Mengjinglai Fast Facts

  • Chinese Name: Mengjinglai (勐景来)
  • Area: 5.6 x square kilometers
  • Things to do th​ere: Photography, Chinese Culture, Architecture, Adventure
  • Who visits: Photographers, Chinese Culture Lovers, Architects, Adventurers
  • Time required: 2 – 3 x hours

What to expect at Mengjinglai

Originally built in 615, Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple features the main hall which is 5 meters high. On the square in front of the hall, the golden statue of Buddha Shakyamuni stands solemnly. It is 2.5 meters tall. The ground floor of the hall features caisson ceiling with golden lotuses. In addition, the statue of a bamboo Buddha is worshiped on the ground floor. On the first ground of the main hall, you will be amazed at the exquisite carvings on doors and windows.

On the right of the main hall is a lotus Buddhist pavilion. The hand rails of the steps to the pavilion are two golden dragons. The arches as well the bell tower and the drum tower are also painted golden. When you explore the temple, you may feel that you are in Thailand.

Best time to visit Mengjinglai

The best time to visit Mengjinglai is in the morning.

You could visit Mengjinglai throughout the year.

How to get to Mengjinglai

There is no direct bus from Jinghong City to Mengjinglai. The only but the quickest and most direct way is to rent a car from Jinghong City ot Mengjinglai.

Additional Mengjinglai Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00
  • As at 20th October 2020, the entrance pricing to the area is 50 CNY per person. Children under 1.2m tall (1.2m tall not included) and the elder above 70 years old (70 years old included) are free of charge. For the latest pricing information, please contact us via email (
  • It is suggested to take an umbrella with you as it could be rainy and sunny in one day in Xishuangbanna.
  • Please wear the sunscreen scream and sunglasses.
  • As Mengjinglai is surrounded by trees, it is suggested that you bring floral waters with you in case there are some bugs in the woods.

Interested in visiting Mengjinglai on a Tour?

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