Laji Mountain ​- a famous alpine pasture in Hainan Prefecture

Last Update: 16th October 2020
Located in Guide County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province, Laji Mountain stands at the border of Guide and Huangzhong. It stretches from the west to the east. The highest peak is 4,524 meters tall. Except in summer, the mountainside is always covered with snow. The southern mountainside is flat, which makes an ideal surrounding for the growth of the grass. The mountain is a famous alpine pasture in Hainan Prefecture.
Laji Mountain ​Fast Facts
  • Chinese Name: Lajishan (拉鸡山)
  • Height: 4,524 meters
  • Things to do there: Photography, Hiking, Nature
  • Who visits: Photographers, Adventure Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers
  • Time required: 2 – 3 x hours
What to expect at the Laji Mountain
You will find various ecological types at the Laji Mountain such as alpine meadows, alpine wetlands, alpine shrubs and farmland ecology at the foot of the mountain. If interested, you can explore famous Cordyceps sinensis on the mountain. With the different altitude, you will experience many types of climates on the mountain during the same day. It can be rainy, snowy, foggy, hazy, cloudy, and sunny on the mountain.
Hongshanzui Grassland is a summer pasture from the mountain pass of Laji Mountain to the watershed in the north and to Datan Village in the south. The center is 3,746 meters above sea level. The slopes in the grassland are gentle, the water source is abundant, and the pastures grow well. Whenever summer comes, the hillsides are full of green grass and colorful flowers. The cattle and sheep enjoy themselves, eating the green grass and running after one another at the grassland.

Best time to visit Laji Mountain

The best time to visit Laji Mountain is in the morning.
The best months to visit are from April to October.


How to get to Laji Mountain

There is no direct bus from Xining to Laji Mountain. Therefore, there is only one option. Rent a vehicle to the mountain. This is the quickest and most direct option.


Additional Laji Mountain Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • Admission fee: free
  • Please take enough warm clothes and umbrellas on the mountain as it is sunny, cloudy, foggy, rainy, and snowy from the foot to the top of the mountain.
  • Please wear comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Please take care of yourself and your kids.
  • It is not suggested to show, sing or run on the mountain due to the high altitude.

Interested in visiting Laji Mountain on a Tour?

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