Kashgar Livestock Market ​- largest livestock trading market in Xinjiang

Last Update: 17th October 2020

Located around 13 kilometers northwest of Ga Er Ancient City, Kashgar Live Stock Market (Sunday Live Stock Trading Market) is situated at Yuanyichang Village (园艺场村). It lies next to National Highway 314. It is the largest live stock trading market in Xinjiang. There, cattle, sheep, donkeys and camels are sold. The market only opens on Sundays.

Kashgar Livestock Market Fast Facts

  • Chinese Name: Ka Shi Niu Yang Da Ba Zha (喀什牛羊大巴扎)
  • Area: 3 x square kilometers
  • Things to do th​ere: Photography, Live Stock Trading
  • Who visits: Photographers, Adventure Enthusiasts
  • Time required: 1 – 2 x hours
What to expect at the Kashgar Livestock Market

Kashgar Live Stock Market is always held in the open air. At the market, you will see a variety of sheep. They are sent here in a tricycle or a truck. Sellers tie the sheep in line with a rope in case they get lost. They stand in line with sad countenance as if they knew they would be taken away and killed. Locals who are planning to buy sheep always open mouths of the sheep and check their teeth. When the sheep are selected, they will be marked on the buttocks.


In summer, there are few camels seen at the market. However, you can see donkeys, cattle, and even mules there. There are no scales there. Buyers estimate the pricing for the cattle, sheep and camel. The buyers walk to the favorite cow or sheep and pat on the butt that they will know whether it is fat or thin and whether it is worth the negotiated pricing. They pay in cash. The pricing for a sheep is between 1,000 and 5,000 RMB. If the buyer wants to buy ten or twenty sheep, he must take tens of thousands of RMB cash. After paying for the sheep, they put the sheep on the shoulder and go away.


Local young boys always go with their parents at the market. Generally speaking, the female stay at home or on the vehicle. The business is deal with by the male. On fine days between summer and autumn, various vegetables and fruits are also sold at the market.


In addition, you could enjoy the local authentic food, such as naan, fresh mutton soup, fresh mutton dumplings, and fresh fruits between summer and autumn.

Best time to visit the Kashgar Livestock Market

The best time to visit Kashgar Live Stock Market is in the morning.

The best months to visit are from May to September.


How to get to the Kashgar Livestock Market

Only Bus 23 passes by the market. Therefore, you can rent a vehicle or take Bus 23 to the market from Kashgar.


Additional Kashgar Livestock Market Travel Advice
  • It is only open on Sundays.
  • As at 17th October 2020, it is free to visit the market.
  • It is always crowed between 11:00 and 14:00.
  • Please take enough drinking water with you.
  • Please wear a gauze mask and sunglasses as it is dusty at the market.
  • It is not suggested to take photos of locals at the market before you ask them if it is OK with them.
  • Please do not stand behind the live stock for safety.
  • Please wear the sunscreen cream and the like to stop the strong sunlight shining your body directly in the dry weather.
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