Hoi Ancity located in central Vietnam featuring a well-preserved Ancient Town

Last Update: 24th October 2020
Located in Central Vietnam, Hoi An worked as the foreign trade port during the Champa Kingdoms in Vietnam. From the 17th Century, many Chinese businessmen came to Hoi An to build their careers. In the old town, you’ll find many old Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese buildings well-preserved.
Hoi An Fast Facts
  • Name: Hoi An
  • ​​​Location: approximately 30 x kilometers from Da Nang
  • Things to do there: Photography, Vietnamese Culture, Adventure
  • Who visits: Photographers, Vietnamese Culture Lovers, Adventure Enthusiasts
  • Time required: 1 – 2 x days

What to expect in Hoi An

In the past, Hoi An was an important trading port in Vietnam. Chinese and Japanese merchants went there to do business. You’ll find several Chinese assembly halls at the old town, such as Fujian, Cantonese, and Chaozho Assembly Halls. Matsu, Guan Yu and Fubo General are worshiped in the hall. The town is dotted with Chinese and Japanese buildings. They are completely preserved without being damaged by war. Some of the old buildings there are a combination of Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese cultures and structures.
Japanese Covered Bridge presents the typical style. At the eastern side was the Japanese Quarter while Chinese lived at the western side. They complied with their own rules. The bridge witnesses the development of the town for hundreds of years.

If you are a culture and history lover, Hoi An Museum of History and Culture is a paradise for you. In the museum, the precious pictures and exhibits tell the culture and history of the town during the Champa Kingdoms. If you are interested to know some about the folk there, you could pay a visit to Museum of Folk Culture. You’ll find interesting handicrafts there. If lucky enough, you may see locals doing the distinctive lanterns there. Museum of Trade Ceramics features around 500 pieces of ceramics which dates back to the 13th to 17th Centuries. It also tells the history of the ceramics in Hoi An.

If you have strong interests in how the Chinese ran their business in ancient Hoi An, it’s recommended you explore Cantonese Assembly Hall. Originally built in 1786, the hall offers exquisite carvings. It is decorated by many sculptures. The most amazing is the Sculpture of the Nine Dragons at the backyard garden. Paintings on the wall also reflects the Chinese style. The ceramic dragon is also one of the highlights in the hall.
Cinnamon Sunset Dinner Cruise offers you a great option to admire the natural beauty there. The entire town are in the light of the sunset. And you enjoy local dinner on the boat. It could be unforgettable experience!

Best time to visit Hoi An

The best months to visit Hoi An are from April to October.


How to get to Hoi An

You could take a direct bus or train from Da Nang to Hoi An. Alternatively, to rent a vehicle to Hoi An is the quickest and most direct option.


Additional Hoi An Travel Advice

  • Please get the permission beforehand if you would like to take photos of locals.
  • Please search through the weather forecast beforehand.

Interested in visiting Hoi An on a Tour?

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