Guizhou Best PlacesFind out about the Best Places to visit in Guizhou Province!

​​​Last Update: 10th November 2019


What is the Best Places in Guizhou?

Guizhou is becoming more and more popular among tourists thanks to its one-of-a-kind culture of local ethnic minorities and stunning natural beauty. Let’s have a scan of the best places in Guizhou as outlined below.

Located in Anshun, the Huangguoshu Waterfalls are the largest waterfall in China. It offers 18 waterfalls to enjoy. Doupotang Waterfall has the widest top.

​Yinlianzhui Waterfall features the most attractive shape within the Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area. In addition, you could explore karst caves, virgin forests and enjoy yourself in the water.

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Fanjing Mountain is acclaimed as one of the top five Buddhist mountains in China. Looking in the distance, the entire mountain presents a shape of a sleeping Buddha.

Several Buddhist temples stand from the foot to the top of the mountain. The mountain is home to hundreds of rare plants and endemic animals. You could experience several types of landscapes around the mountain.

As the largest Dong Village across China, Zhaoxing Dong Village offers five drum towers. It lies in a basin. Two streams wind through the village. One viewpoint of the village in front of the village gate offers a great chance to enjoy the bird’s eye of the whole village. At night, most of the houses are in the light, making for amazing views.


Xijiang Miao Village is the largest Miao village in China and even in the world. The village is surrounded by mountains. A river cuts the village into two parts. You will see hundreds of stilt houses around the village. There are tens of hotels in the village to stay overnight. The night views there are also breathtaking.

The Wanfenglin Scenic Area offers nearly twenty thousand karst hills. It is acclaimed as a karst museum in China. It is divided into East Wanfenglin and West Wanfenglin. The west one is open to the public for now. In addition to the karst landscape, it features several Buyi ethnic minority villages to explore.


Zhijin Cave is a large cave with various shapes of stalactites. It is spacious. You could find more than 40 types of karst accumulation forms. There are various appearances of stalagmites, stone flowers, and stone curtains. The road in the cave is just one-way route. There are over 150 spots in the cave to admire.

Zhenyuan Old Town is home to Tujia, Miao and Dong people for hundreds of years. In the town, you could experience different cultures. Many buildings in the town are built on the hillside. There are tens of old buildings across the town, including towers, pavilions, temples, wharfs, and residential houses. You could appreciate the gorgeous night views on a cruise boat on Wuyang River. Qinglong Cave is a combination of Taoist buildings and cliffs and trees. Some of the buildings are combined with the cliffs.


Chishui Danxia Scenic Area has the mountains with red walls in different shapes, Danxia valleys, primitive forests and flying waterfalls to visit. The ecological environment is various. The area is home to paleo vegetation, thousands of wildlife and endangered plants and animals. You will find spinulose tree fern there.

Anshun Dragon Palace Cave

Anshun Dragon Palace Cave is located around 35 kilometers from Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is the largest water and dry caves in the world. It offers the largest underground waterfall, and the longest water cave in China. The cave is also home to hundreds of natural herbs. You could enjoy boating on an underground river to explore the cave. The valley there offers amazing natural beauty as well.


With an area of 118.8 square kilometers, Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area is mainly composed of Daqikong, Xiaoqikong and Shuichun River. It features karst landscape. On sunny days, water in the area is turquoise, different from water in other areas. You could do some boating on the Yuanyang Lake to keep close to the nature. Laya Waterfall is a highlight there as well. In addition, there are several caves worth visiting.



Interested in visiting the Best Places in Guizhou Province?

Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Guizhou, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.