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Last Update :5th November 2019

What are the Guilin Top Sights?

Are you searching for the top sights in Guilin for your Guilin tour in the near future? Are you interested to know top things to do in Guilin? Are you interested to know what sights are the best sights popular among locals and tourists in Guilin?

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Guilin Top Sights
  • Li River

Most of the tourists enjoy the landscape along the Li River during the Li River Cruise. The Li River is the No. 1 sight to be explored in Guilin. The green karst hills and the reflections in the water are stunning. If you love hiking and cycling, you could discover the unknown beauty of the Li River. You can take a cruise boat or a bamboo raft along the river.

Situated in Yangshuo Countryside, Yulong River Valley has the scenery as amazing as that along the Li River. It is a combination of the nature, local life and farmland. Along the road in the area, you will find locals doing the daily life by the river or in the farmland.

The Reed Flute Cave enjoys a good reputation among foreign tourists for its charming stalactites in different shapes and its location which is some 6 kilometers from the center of Guilin City. In addition, Bus 3 will take you directly to the parking lot of the cave.

Li River Cruise

The Four Lakes Night Cruise offers a great chance to appreciate the attractive night views in Guilin. On the cruise boat, you could not only enjoy the views in the colorful lights but also can admire the live classic Chinese music and dancing and get a little acquainted with the old culture of cormorant fishing in Guilin.

Bordering Zhengyang Walking Street, the Shangshui Snack Street is a retreat for tourists who enjoy trying local food in a new place. The street offers Thai, Indian, and Western Food as well. Sometimes, the roasted insects are for sale on the streets.

Yao Mountain

Yao Mountain could be listed in the best sights in Guilin for its different appearances in the four seasons and the gorgeous views from the top of the mountain. There is also a trail on the mountain leading you to the top if you wouldn’t like to take a chairlift uphill.

Featuring the stunning sunrise, Xianggong Hill is also popular among tourists. On the very early morning of fine days, the orange sun rises slowly from the sea of clouds and finally climbs up. The views around the hill are beautiful as well.

Longji Rice Terraces

West Street is home to a variety of restaurants, hotels, boutiques, local handicrafts shops, and bars. It is a good place to refresh yourself after a long journey. If you could speak a little Mandarin, you could practice your bargaining skills with the owners of some shops on the street.

From spring to autumn, Cuiping Hill features different types of natural beauty. The green farmland around and the karst hills in the distance and the sunset make for a gorgeous picture.

Featuring the 2-kilometers-long section of the Li River as the stage, the Impression 3rd Sister Liu Show presents local culture with the beauty of the river. The music is shocking while the background of the show is 12 karst hills in the Li River.

The Longji Rice Terraces are composed of Longji Zhuang Rice Terraces, Ping’an Zhuang Rice Terraces and Jinkeng Rice Terraces. The natural views in Ping’an and Jinkeng Rice Terraces are more gorgeous than those in Longji Zhuang Rice Terraces. However, if you would like to explore local life and culture, the Longji Zhuang Rice Terraces is the best one.

View from Xianggong Hill

Top Things to do in Guilin
  • The Li River Cruise
The Li River Cruise takes you to enjoy the karst landscape along the Li River. It lasts for 4 hours. Along the cruise, you will be amazed at the natural works.
  • Yulong River Bamboo Rafting
On a bamboo raft, local villages apply the original rafting way and take you to admire the natural views along the Yulong River. The experience on a bamboo raft is fairly different from that on the Li River Cruise.
  • Taste Guilin Rice Noodles
Guilin Rice Noodles was originally created in the Qin Dynasty (221 – 207 BC). It has a long history. It has been popular among locals for thousands of years. Locals have it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. It is the most popular food in Guilin.
  • Four Lakes Night Cruise
Four Lakes Night Cruise is a combination of amazing night views, Chinese music and local culture in Guilin.
  • Walk around the Guilin City Lakes
The four lakes in the city of Guilin are free to walk. If you walk along at night, you will appreciate the most attractive views. Trees in the colorful lights become more amazing while the Sun and Moon Pagodas and their reflections in the lake are great photography materials.
  • Visit West Street
Numerous foreign visitors who explored the West Street in Yangshuo live there after the tour. Some of them are owners of Western restaurants, and some have western bars. The street is a combination of Chinese and Western styles.
  • Taste snacks at Shangshui Snack Street
If you are a foodie, Shangshui Snack Street absolutely meets the need of your mouth and stomach. The Chinese food, Thai, Indian and some Western food are a feast for your mouth.
  • Admire the sunrise at Xianggong Hill
The sunrise on Xiangong Hill has been popular around the world. It has been the photography materials for many famous photographers at home and from abroad. Many of them walked up to the top of the hill just for the amazing views on the very early morning of fine days.
  • ​Zhengyang Walking Street
Zhengyang Walking Street is situated close to Shangshui Snack Street. You could explore both of them during the one period of time. Just to wander the street and watch the scene on the street is also fun.
  • Yao Mountain
Yao Mountain is also popular among tourists and photographers. The natural karst hills stands around the mountain. The views in the early morning from the top of the mountain are stunning. The mountain features various charming views around the year as well.
  • Hike at the Longji Rice Terraces
Longji Rice Terraces offers several hiking trails to experience. It is home to tens of ethnic minorities villages. Along the trail, you could see locals do their daily things in the farmland from April to October.



Reed Flute Cave

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Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours in Guilin, among other cities and areas. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.