Great Wall Museum ​- first museum with the Great Wall theme in China

​​​​​​​​​​Last Update: 17th October 2020

Located in the Great Wall at Jiayuguan Pass, Great Wall Museum was completed in May, 2003. The main building is in the shape of a beacon tower connected with the Great Wall. The museum includes 7 exhibition halls where you will know the construction history of the Great Wall from the Warring State Period (770 BC – 221 BC) through the Qin Dynasty (221 BC – 207 BC) to the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644

Great Wall MuseumFast Facts

  • Chinese Name: Jiayuguan Changcheng Bowuguan (嘉峪关长城博物馆)
  • Area: 4,523.36 square meters
  • Things to do there: Photography, History of the Great Wall
  • Who visits: Photographers, Chinese History Lovers
  • Time required: 1 x hour

What to expect at the Great Wall Museum

At the Great Wall Museum, you will get acquainted with the construction history of the Great Wall through models, texts, and pictures. The large-scale oil painting “the Great Wall” puts the main landscapes of the eastern section of the Great Wall of China, the central section of the Great Wall of China and the western section of the Great Wall of China into one picture through a combination of freehand brush work and the means of realistic description. It strives to show the magnificence, spectacular scenery and profound cultural connotation of the Great Wall. The area of the oil painting is 220.5 square meters.

Super-realistic sculpture–“Xichu Yangguan, Chunfeng Yumen”, with the background of the Great Wall at Yangguan Pass and Yumenguan Pass, vividly reproduce the situations of the Chinese and Western culture on the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907).

The background oil painting “Zuiwo Shachang” depicts the magnificent scenery of the desert and the sunset, and the sculptures presents that the soldiers fought against the invaders for the motherland in the ancient times.

In addition, you can explore the ancient weapons, the cultural relics discovered at Jiayuguan Pass, the paintings and calligraphy by celebrities.

Best time to visit the Great Wall Museum

As the Great Wall Museum is situated close to the Great Wall at Jiayuguan Pass, you could visit the museum before exploring the Great Wall.

The best months to visit are from April to October.

How to get to the Great Wall Museum

There are only a few buses passing by the Great Wall at Jiayuguan Pass. Therefore, there are only a few options.

  • Rent a vehicle to the Great Wall from Jiayuguan City. This is the quickest and most direct option.
  • Take Bus 4 to the Stop of Guancheng Scenic Area (关城风景区站).
  • Take Bus 6 to the Stop of Guancheng Tourist Scenic Area (关城旅游风景区站).

Additional Great Wall Museum Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 08:30 – 17:30
  • Admission fee: free
  • Please present your passport at the ticket office to get the free ticket.
  • Please check out the weather forecast beforehand as sometimes the sand storm comes by Jiayuguan City.
  • Please wear the sunscreen cream and sun glasses even in winter.
  • Please take body lotion, lip balm, and hand cream as it is always dry in Jiayuguan.

Interested in visiting the Great Wall Museum on a Tour?

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