Please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as per below. These details are regularly updated and please contact us if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to be of assistance.

Before I book a Wendy Wei Tours tour

Each season has different trade-offs! Generally, the peak tourism seasons is during the months of March – November with it being Spring weather in March followed by Autumn weather in November! The monsoon season occurs in May/June bringing about significant rainfall, whilst it’s very warm during the months of July and August. Also, the first week of October is when the National Holiday occurs and we strongly advise not to travel during these dates (1st – 8th October). However, ultimately, any time is a good time to visit Southern China with Wendy Wei Tours 🙂

We have experience guiding single travelers to large corporate groups. The majority of our visitors are couples or families but we can arrange your visit, regardless of the size of your group!

Sorry but we don’t offer join-in group tours. We specialize in providing tours as a private tour operator and believe standards would be jeopardized if we changed our approach. There are plenty of other tour operators who offer join-in group tours so apologies for any inconvenience!

Absolutely! This is one of the biggest advantages that we offer – flexibility and the option to change itineraries to suit your specific requirements. We welcome changes and amendments based upon your preferences and can advise accordingly!

NO! Whilst this is a common practice among inbound tour operators, we proudly say no to any forced shopping stops, commission stops, ‘pearl museums’ or other unscrupulous commission based activities. All tour guides and transportation providers are fully aware of these requirements and we proudly practice what we preach in this regard.

To reserve a booking, please contact us regarding tour interest and corresponding dates. Thereafter, we can send through a request for payment (we typically request a deposit equal to 10% – tour only, or up to 30% – with accommodation). Upon receiving deposit payment, we will secure the tour.

We detail our cancellation policy on each tour proposal/itinerary so please refer to this specific information (usually on the final page of each itinerary). We are a small team and understand that things happen that could lead to cancellation so please contact us as soon as possible and we will try our best to accommodate accordingly.

Before I travel with Wendy Wei Tours

Yes – China generally requires citizens from a vast majority of countries to obtain visas before visiting. There are some exceptions but please check your specific requirements or feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

This depends upon the specific areas you intend to visit in China as a whole. We are not able to offer specific advice in this regard and would strongly recommend you contact a travel doctor if concerned.

Please check the likely weather forecast for your visit and pack appropriate clothing. In regards to footwear, we recommend that you bring comfortable shoes with grip on the soles, especially during monsoon season! Also, a lightweight rain coast during Monsoon season is also a good option. During summer, a hat and sunscreen are recommended!

Electrical plugs and outlets differ between countries and therefore, we’d recommend getting a universal adapter that can be used in China among other countries.

We would strongly advise that you arrange travel insurance prior to your departure from your country of origin.

In China, all payments are made with Chinese Yuan (CNY). Cash withdrawals can be made at a variety of different banks (via credit/debit cards) and currency exchange services are also available at different banks. If you have any specific questions in relation to this, please let us know.

On tour with Wendy Wei Tours

This depends upon the specific activity and notice given – please discuss with your guide and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests 🙂

We do not require forced tipping or provide itinerary pricing that is ‘exclusive’ of tips. Tips are gratuities and reflective of excellent service, therefore, forcing tips upon our clients is not a practice that Wendy Wei Tours embarks on. Nonetheless, tips are always really appreciated and a good incentive for guides and drivers to maintain excellent service

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly to let us know.