Chongqing Three Gorges Museum ​- combination of Three Gorges History in Chongqing

Last Update: 23rd October 2020

Located at No. 236, Renmin Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China Three Gorges Museum offers a great chance to get knowledge of the development of landform at Three Gorges, history of boat trackers in Chongqing, and the old history and culture of Chongqing and the history of the Three Gorges Dam.

Chongqing Three Gorges Museum Fast Facts
  • Chinese Name: Zhongguo Sanxia Bowuguan (中国三峡博物馆)
  • Length: 3 hectares
  • Things to do there: Chongqing History, Photography, Chinese Old Carving Art
  • Who visits: Chinese History and Culture Lovers, Photographers
  • Time required: 2 – 3 hours
What to expect at the Chongqing Three Gorges Museum

The Chongqing Three Gorges Museum features more than 100,000 pieces of exhibits, including around 500 pieces of cultural relics in Sichuan in the Paleolithic age, around 100 portrait bricks in the Han Dynasty (BC 202 – 8 AD and 25 AD and 220 AD), etc. In addition, the ethnic minority handcrafts of Qiang, Tibetan, Yi, Miao and Tu people are on display in the museum.


The Gallery of Splendid Three Gorges demonstrate the climate and plantation at the Three Gorges, the formation and introduction of the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges, the typical traditional houses in the area and history of boat trackers in Chongqing, the history of the Three Kingdoms (220 – 280), Taoist Culture and Witchery Culture in Chongqing and Three Gorges through the precious calligraphy works, carvings, stone inscriptions, main transportation tools at Three Gorges, and the exhibits at Bronze Age and Paleolithic age in this area.


In addition, the Unit of the Perpetual Three Gorges presents the spirit of the Three Gorge Project workers and the construction process. The ring-screen cinema offers a great option to visitors to get a little acquainted with the original appearance of the Three Gorges before the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.


Usually, a variety of temporary exhibitions, such as porcelain exhibition, Buddhist exhibitions, Chinese calligraphy and paintings exhibitions, jade ware exhibitions, and other themed exhibitions are held in the museum.

Best time to visit the Chongqing Three Gorges Museum 

The best time to visit the Chongqing Three Gorges Museum is in the morning.


The best months to visit are from May to October.


How to get to the Chongqing Three Gorges Museum

There are several buses passing by the museum. Therefore, there are several options.

  • Rent a vehicle to the museum. This is the quickest and most direct option.
  • Take Bus 132, 145, 181, 261, 262, 265, 421, 829, 866, 881, 152, 215, 104, 112, 338, 609 and Bus 322 to the Stop of Xuetianwan (学田湾站) or the Stop of Dalitang (大礼堂站). Then, walk to the museum.
Additional Chongqing Three Gorges Museum Advice
  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 (visitors are not permitted to enter the museum from 16:00 pm. It is closed on Monday)
  • As at 23rd October 2020, the public can visit the museum for free.
  • The museum offers multi-language audio guides to rent.
  • The museum offers charged English and Chinese interpretation service.
  • Please keep quiet in the museum.
  • Please don’t run after each other in the museum.
  • Flashlight, selfie stick and tripod are forbidden to be use in the museum.
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