Last Update: 6th October 2020

What is Chengyang?
For a peaceful time in lap of nature, visit Chengyang to get a taste of Dong minority traditions. Situated not far from Guilin, Chengyang is a famous wooden bride built almost a century ago. The entire aura and the scenic beauty of this place is absolutely inspiring for visitors courtesy of the landscape.

Sitting a few hours away from Longi, you can see a river flow through the mountains and under the bridges as you admire the plantations in sight with nature and wildlife all around. Chengyang offers you an unforgettable experience with a promise of rejuvenation.

There are various villages in the area surrounding Chengyang, allowing you ample time visit as you’re greeted by happy faces welcoming you to the finest of Chinese traditions. As you walk around, you can shop, eat and interact with the locals to get an understanding of what the place is all about.


In Chengyang, there are lots of attractions to see such as Dong architecture, hamlets, The Drum tower and the local traditional gatherings celebrate each day of their lives as it comes to them. As you plan to camp and stay longer in this soothing environment, you can definitely enjoy a few drinks of the famous rice wine that is served in almost every restaurant in Chengyang. This place offers a religious and a customary feel without spending too much money and is worth visiting on your Wendy Wei Tours tour.

Interested in visiting Chengyang?

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