Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

Last Update: 6th October 2020

What is the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge?
Reflecting the brilliance of Dong culture and its architecture is the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. This bridge is a part of one of the many villages that make up Chengyang and was built by the Dong minority living in Guangxi Province. The Dong people are experts in their field of construction and this one of a kind bridge has porches and roofs as shelters for the travellers crossing the bridge so that they can continue doing so even when it rains, hence the construction is called Yongji Bridge, Panlong Bridge and the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge.

Constructed with only wood and stones, the brilliance of Dong architecture has enabled them to build the entire structure without any nails or folding in it. The Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge was constructed in 1912 and the wood and stones were inlayed with railings. Standing at 64.4 metres long, 3.4 metres wide and 10.6 metres from the ground, the Chengyang wind and rain bridge looks unaffected, despite decades of rain and wind compelling it to shake off its hinges.


The bridge itself contains five towers constructed and offering stunning views for both visitors and locals who cross it.. You can sit and relax while you watch the Linxi River merging with the horizon, the plantations and trees growing in the surrounding hills, the cattle grazing freely and the birds flying without any direction. Visitors are recommended to stay at various hostels built on the ends of the Chengyang Wind and Rain bridge ensuring that they enjoy every moment staring at it as they travel through yet another interesting location during their Sanjiang visit. People can visit the Chengyang wind and rain bridge throughout the year and are guaranteed to be impressed.

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