Buu Long Pagodathe most famous pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City

Last Update: 25th October 2020
Located around 20 kilometers from the city center, Buu Long Pagoda was originally built in 1942. The buildings there feature Thai, and Indian styles, which differs from other pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City.
Buu Long Pagoda Fast Facts
  • Name: Buu Long Pagoda
  • Area: 11 x hectares
  • Things to do there: History and Culture, Photography
  • Who visits: Photographers, History and Culture Lovers
  • Time required: 1 x hour

What to expect at the Buu Long Pagoda

The golden pagoda and Buu Long temple in the Indian style are acclaimed the most beautiful temples of the Southern Sect in South Vietnam. Looking in the distance, the golden top of the pagoda with the blue sky is amazing.
Buildings at Buu Long Pagoda were built on the ancient Buddhist culture. The construction of the pagoda is always being expanded. The pagoda was built based on the styles of pagodas in Thailand and India and the style of the pagodas in the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 – 1945). If you would like to explore the pagoda at close range, you’d need to take off your shoes and walk up the steps. Wind chimes at the top of the pagoda create refreshing sounds in wind.
One of the highlights there is the Lake Hangetsu in the middle of which an artificial fountain stands. There is water pouring out of the mouths of the stone dragons. You can admire the bird’s eye views of District 9 from the top. A vegetarian restaurant in the temple features Vietnamese vegetarian dishes. If interested, you can try it.

Best time to visit the Buu Long Pagoda

It is not popular among tourists in Ho Chi Minh City. You could visit it any time during the opening hours.
The best months to visit are from March to November.


How to get to the Buu Long Pagoda

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus to the pagoda from the city. The only option is to rent a vehicle.


Additional Buu Long Pagoda Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00
  • As at 25th October 2020, tourists can visit the pagoda for free.
  • Please take off your shoes if you’d like to visit the main pagoda.
  • Please don’t wear shorts or short skirt there.

Interested in visiting the Buu Long Pagoda on a Tour?

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