Beijing Tours

Beijing Tours

Beijing is the capital city of China and is located in the North-Eastern section of the country. Featuring numerous world famous historical landmarks, attractions, delicious food, sightseeing and more, aside from being the capital, it’s also the cultural center of China.  Visitors travel to Beijing to hike along the Great Wall of China, step back in time at the Forbidden City, discover ancient palaces and taste delicious Peking Duck, among other things to do in Beijing. Wendy Wei Tours offers a combination of private Beijing Tours including multi-day Classic Beijing Tours, Custom Beijing Tours and other unique tour experiences. We’re based in Guilin as well as Beijing and offer high-quality tours so you can enjoy everything Beijing offers!
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Best Beijing Tours

Wendy Wei Tours offers the Best Beijing Tours ranging from Classic routes to off-the-beaten-track, multi-day tours and more!

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How many days in Beijing?

Depending upon your specific interests and preferences would determine how many days you spend in Beijing to experience the substantial number of attractions and experiences.  On average, most visitors would spend 4 – 5 x days in Beijing with a day to explore the Great Wall of China, a day around the Forbidden City and Summer Palace and other Beijing attractions!  Moreover, some visitors choose to travel nearby to China’s ancient capital city of Luoyang with UNESCO listed Longmen Grottoes.

​Other visitors choose to extend their stay and deep-dive into Beijing with food tours and other off-the-beaten track Beijing experiences. Being the capital city of China, there are flight connections to all corners and cities of the country with visitors choosing to explore Xi’anChengduGuilin and Shanghai as part of a ‘classic’ China trip. Others choose to go further afield and explore the ancient Silk Road, minority cultures in Guizhou Province or old towns in Yunnan Province.

1 – 2 x Days

Visit the Great Wall of China
Discover the Forbidden City
Explore the Best Beijing Attractions

3 – 4 x Days

Visit the Best Beijing Attractions
Visit the Great Wall of China
Visit Tiananmen Square

x Days or more!

Visit Great Wall of China
Visit Terracotta Warriors
Visit ​Xi’an & Beijing Attractions

Interested in visiting visiting Guilin, Yangshuo and the Longji Rice Terraces ? Extend your visit and view our Private Guilin Day Tours!

Best Guilin Tours – extend your Beijing Travels and travel South into Guangxi Province! 

Wendy Wei Tours offers the Best Guilin Tours ranging from Classic routes to off-the-beaten-track, multi-day tours and more!
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