Bach Ma Temple the existing oldest temple in Hanoi

Last Update: 23rd October 2020
Acclaimed as one of the oldest temple in Hanoi, Bach Ma Temple was built to commemorate a white horse. It was said that under construction, the city wall collapsed for several times. One day, the white horse directed locals the method to build the wall. Finally, the walls were completed.

Bach Ma Temple Fast Facts

  • Name: Bach Ma Temple (Đền Bạch Mã)
  • Location: in the Old City of Hanoi
  • Things to do th​ere: Vietnamese Culture, Photography
  • Who visits: Photographers, Culture Lovers
  • Time required: 1 x hour

What to expect at the Bach Ma Temple

Bach Ma Temple is not big but is one of the most popular temples in Hanoi. The exquisite reliefs shows the significance of the temple in Hanoi. The statue of a white horse is worshiped in the main hall. Many statues in the 18th Century are well-preserved in the temple. In spring, you’ll see many beautiful peonies.
The surrounding area is the local residence. Therefore, you could explore the neighborhood if you want to know more about the local life and culture.

Best time to visit the Bach Ma Temple

The best time to visit Bach Ma Temple is in the morning.
You could explore the temple around the year.


How to get to the Bach Ma Temple

There is no direct bus to the temple. Thus, the only but the quickest option is to rent a vehicle to the temple.


Additional Bach Ma Temple Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00 (Monday – Thursday); 07:00 – 22:00 (Friday – Sunday)
  • As at 23rd October 2020, visitors can explore the temple for free.
  • Please don’t wear shorts, skirts and slippers in the museum.

Interested in visiting the Bach Ma Temple on a Tour?

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