Ba Na Hill Stationwhere the Golden Bridge is located

​​​Last Update: 24th October 2020

Thanks to the Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hill Station is getting more and more popular around the world. Situated around 35 kilometers from Da Nang City, the station also features a moderate climate. Visitors can enjoy themselves at Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Gardens, and the French Village and appreciate the Linh Ung Buddhist Temple.

Ba Na Hill Station Fast Facts

  • Name: Ba Na Hill Station
    ​​​Elevation: 1,489 meters above sea level
  • Things to do there: Nature, Rides, Photography, Architecture
  • Who visits: Photographers, Culture Lovers, Architects
  • Time required: 5 – 6 x hours

What to expect at the Ba Na Hill Station

Originally built in 1919 by the French colonists, Ba Na Hill Station offers a variety of activities to enjoy.

The No. 1 must-visit attraction is certainly the Golden Bridge. It lies in Thlen Thai Garden, the bridge connects one side of the station and the French Village together with Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Gardens. Two giant hands hold the bridge in the palm. The bridge floor is made of wood. The bridge is a great point to admire the amazing sunrise there.

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Gardens is composed of nine different gardens. You could challenge yourself at the maze garden. You may not feel bored surrounded by a variety of green plants there.

Another highlight there is the French Village. Walk around the village and you may feel that you were in the 19th Century’s French. The village is decorated with lofty churches, hotels, and unique cottages. In the village, you’ll see Frenchmen dancing and singing.

If you love wine, it is suggested that you explore the Debay Wine Cellar which is more than 100 years old. The French wine cellar was built in 1923. Although experiencing a long time, it is well-preserved and in good conditions.

If you’d like to have some leisure activities there, you could visit the Fantasy Park with 4D and D cinemas. In the French Village, you’ll find a variety of exciting rides in one building. In addition, you could stay overnight at one of the hotels in the village as well. And the station offers many local delicious snacks to try.

Best time to visit Ba Na Hill Station

You could take an open bus from Da Nang City to Ba Na Hill Station. Alternatively, you can also rent a vehicle to it.

How to get to Ba Na Hill Station

You could take an open bus from Da Nang City to Ba Na Hill Station. Alternatively, you can also rent a vehicle to it.

Additional Ba Na Hill Station Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 07:30 – 21:30
  • As at 24th October 2020, the entrance pricing to the station (including cable car, train ride, wine cellar, French Village and most of games in the Fantasy Park (105 games and Alpine Coaster)) is 700,000 VND per person; for children it is 550,000 VND per ticket. For the latest pricing information, please contact us via email (
  • The Wax Museum, Teddy Bear Grips and indoor sports in the Fantasy Park are not included in the entrance ticket.
  • The last cable car woks at 21:00.
  • Please take enough clothes with you if you are planning to visit the station in winter.
  • Please take an umbrella with you.

Interested in visiting the Ba Na Hill Station on a Tour?

Wendy Wei Tours offers a variety of different packaged tours as well as custom tours including the Ba Na Hill Station, among other attractions and destinations. To find out more, please visit our Tours page or Contact Us directly to find out more.