Air Force Museumintroduces the history of the Vietnamese Air Force

Last Update: 23rd October 2020
Air Force Museum – Bảo Tàng Không Quân is a paradise for military fans, especially air force fans. It features a variety of the air force equipment applied by Vietnamese People’s Air Force. Visitors can see the MiG-17 and MiG-18 fighters, as well as the military aircrafts such as the Bell UH-1H light transport helicopter and the Mi 6 transport plane.

Air Force Museum Fast Facts

  • Name: Vietnam People’s Air Force Museum
  • Location: Tôn Thât Tùng Kéo Dài, Khu’o’ng Mai, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nôi
  • Things to do th​ere: Vietnamese Modern Warfare, Photography, Vietnamese Culture
  • Who visits: Culture Lovers, Photographers, Military
  • Time required: 1 – 2 x hours

What to expect at the Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum – Bảo Tàng Không Quân offers a great chance to learn about the battle process of some air battles during the US-Vietnam War. The museum is composed of an indoor exhibition area and an outdoor exhibition area.
The indoor exhibition area presents the small weapons, significant tools (such as telephones, cameras, gloves, helmets, SA-2 Guideline control systems) used by the Vietnamese pilots, the US aircraft wreckage, K-5M (AA-1 “Alkali”) air-to-air missile, and some wreckage from aircrafts shot down by the Vietnamese Air Force, including a B-52 seat from an aircraft shot down on December 22nd, 1972, etc. In addition, the area also introduces the development of aerospace industry in Vietnam through precious pictures and relevant equipment.
At the outdoor exhibition area, visitors can explore 61-K anti-aircraft gun, SA-2 Guideline, SA-2 Guideline fireboard (Bait), M1939 (52-K) 85 mm anti-aircraft gun, McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II B, Fan Song missile control radar, Aero L-29 Delfin, Cessna U-17A “Skywagon”, Zlin Z-226 Trener, Mil Mi-6 Hook-A, Douglas A-1 Skyraider South Vietnam Air Force (VNAF), Mil Mi-24 Hind A, Kamov Ka-25BSH, Bell UH-1 “Iroquois” H model South Vietnam Air Force (VNAF), MiG-21PFM, Mil Mi-4 – Ho Chi Minh’s personal helicopter, Mig-19SF Farmer (Shenyang J-6), Antonov An-2, MiG-21MF and so on. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to explore the interior of an Mi 6.​

Best time to visit the Air Force Museum

The best time to visit the museum is in the morning.
You could visit the museum around the year.


How to get to the Air Force Museum

The only option to the museum is to rent a vehicle.


Additional Air Force Museum Travel Advice

  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 11:00 and 13:00 – 16:00 (Monday – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday). It is closed on Friday.
  • As at 23rd October 2020, the entrance pricing to the museum is 20,000 VND. For the latest pricing information, please contact us via email (
  • Please don’t wear shorts, skirts and slippers in the museum.

Interested in visiting the Air Force Museum on a Tour?

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